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Found 11 results

  1. Minha opinião é bem objetivo e rápido Peço que ajeitem a opção de Relatório de error ela está indisponível a anos e não vejo por qual motivo ela ainda estar presente no game
  2. Проходили 5 этаж данжа, зачистили все локации, активировали все механизмы, однако рб не появился, из-за чего заход завершить не удалось, на видео хорошо показаны все локации, на которых не осталось ни единого живого моба или неактивированного механизма. Хотелось бы узнать причину данного явления, и на сколько часто происходят такие ошибки. Ru-Topaz Примерная дата и время: 20.10.2020 23:00-23:21 Screen_Recording_20201020-232154_Warspear Online.mp4
  3. ¿¿Es normal que un sapo este asi de buffeado?? :v
  4. Я уже где-то день 3-тий не могу подключиться к серверу что варспы что скайлор. Что делать мне в этой ситуации? На форуме ничего не нашёл о тестах и т.п. Прошу вашей помощи форумчане
  5. I am using iOS 10 and it says update error. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing more space and restarting. What can I do?
  6. Hi, my nickname in the game is Homeless (PRIMOGENITS, DRUID, LVL 13, TODAY, I was with 30k gold I went to lunch, when I logged in again I was only 7 golds, I do not know what happened, If possible try to recover my gold please ...
  7. Hi guys, I noticed that i cant log in Google Play games. My friend lost his account, he dont set a email, was only the id and Google Play Games, he erased all his data, when downloaded again the game, the account wasnt logging, was just connecting, when end never connects, when i tried to log my Google Play Games account in game o got the same issue, who is having the same issue? Ps. How can my newbie friend restore his account if he dont know his id? Pls answer Sorry for my bad english, Im Brazilian @}-
  8. I have a shaman lvl26 Nhkomaiha, i've done all yellow quests in map2 and map1, and didn't get the quest of the new smilie which i think is "Valor of Mountain Clans". I have a rogue lvl15 too, i got the quest and got the smilie ! I'm checking all maps and everything! I didn't get the quest! I asked my friend too he is lvl26 shaman, didnt get the quest too
  9. Здравствуйте Уважаемые Разработчики.Обращаюсь к Вам От Имени Моего Друга Dramik. Есть такая программа,Называется HxD.Так вот мой друг Изучая Клиент Нашел Ошибку: Failed to open display!.C.a.n.n.o.t. .o.p.e.n. .p.a.c.k.a.g.e. .f.i.l.e....._.s.y.s.t.e.m.l.o.g...t.x.t.....ERROR: Unable to create app window!.ERROR: Can't register window class!.\.l.e.a.k...x.m.l Помогите Разобраться что это за Ошибка.
  10. Hello, I was wondering why whenever I try to make a purchase by sms says that to review the message, always have tried on two cellular and two accounts in my and my cousin what's happening? and I have credits in both phones.
  11. I'm trying download the recent version for windows OS, but the page for download it's not work! Please, Fix it! Many people do not playing because the page is off. Thanks
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