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Found 7 results

  1. Recovery of conquest costumes. So, recently I ended up selling my achievement outfits and some other outfits at the market and when I realized it was too late. Blame it on sleep. Anyway, my tip is that at least the achievement costumes we can recover by redoing the achievements. AIgrind gives you the chance to recover a deleted account and we have to do all the achievements again, nothing fairer than getting these achievement items again.
  2. Issues: I have been playing Warspear Online for 11 years; I reached the max level, got max bag slots, amplified my equipment to max stats. Since new events, features, costumes, and equipment keep on coming, I really want to try them out; especially new gears as experiment. As I started to collect more of max-amplified gears and new costumes, I find my 300-slot bag stuffed of things I do not want to let go (because who would want to let go of lv 30-32 max level gears and rare costumes that you took lots of effort to get?). For sure, the newly introduced personal storage is great, but I cannot store my personal items within it, making it useless to try and make space for my bag. Right now I have approximately 80 rare costumes and more than 90 pieces of max amplified and charmed gears. Since I have to stock potions, scrolls, foods, minions, quest loots, craft resources, and other things from missions and miracle shop, I find it difficult to reorganize my bag every time I have to get new items to amplify or chests to open. For example, I need to make at least 100 slots available when amplifying because I'm the type to click nonstop until the gears get max amplified or when the amplification resources run out. As I mentioned above, every single time I try to amplify or open chests, I need to move things to my other characters which is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming. Suggestions: I would like to recommend wardrobe* and armory** to be added to the miracle shop. For the wardrobe, when purchased, it will take up 1 bag space, but when u open it, it grants u 5 slots which u can move your used costumes from your bag into those slots. For additional slots, you have to purchase them with either miracle coins or with the use of additional wardrobe from miracle shop which grants 5 new slots. This way players can store their personal costumes in the wardrobe and put other necessary items in their bag. The same thing can be said to personal equipment, a new function is needed, and that is new armory which can also be added to the miracle shop. For this, it has the same function as the wardrobe, but instead of storing used costumes, this storage can be used to store used equipment and this function will surely help leave extra space in players' bag to put other necessary things as they see fit. For more convenience, I recommend that to access the wardrobe and equipment deck, players do not have to click on them, they can just go to switch their costumes or equipment the usual way. This provides more familiarity as well as less time consumption. Conclusion: Taking everything into account, I do not really think that all players are like me, but I strongly believe that these suggestions will bring more convenience and benefits to the overall players and the developers. The point is that players have the ability to choose to buy or not buy the wardrobe or armory storage if they don't really need them, but for players like me who do need them, it would certainly bring us more convenience to try out new gears and costumes without having to worry about our bag space being taken by personal items that cannot be exchanged or stored away. Developers can also profit from this as they can introduce new items to the miracle shop and have players buy them for additional space organization. *Wardrobe's features: - Is used to store costumes - Can be purchased from miracle shop - Has the appearance of a wardrobe - Has 'Equipping' status before usage and 'Personal' status when used - Has new 'Open' and 'Cancel' tabs when clicked on - When opened, appears in similar window as 'Personal Storage' and 'Guild Storage' - First wardrobe, when used, will take up 1 bag slot and grants 5 slots when opened - Each new wardrobe, when used, will merge with the old one and grant 5 additional slots **Armory's features: - Is used to store equipment (gears, accessories, and weapons) - Can be purchased from miracle shop - Has the appearance of a crate - Has 'Equipping' status before usage and 'Personal' status when used - Has new 'Open' and 'Cancel' tabs when clicked on - When opened, appears in similar window as 'Personal Storage' and 'Guild Storage' - First armory, when used, will take up 1 bag slot and grants 5 slots when opened - Each new armory, when used, will merge with the old one and grant 5 additional slots
  3. I separated events costumes from this is extense this topic If left any costume on the list send me private message or send message to my character EU-Emerald (Kyrai) Boss Costumes · Nomarch · Star Shadow Costume Raid Bosses · Captain Giant Octopus · Engineer · Costume of Black Elm · Faceless' Costume · Spawn Costume · Kronus's Costume Guild Event · Rottung Air · Great Kutulu Achievements · Servant of Dawn · Female Servant of Dawn · High Priest of Sunset · Lady Inquisitor's Vestment Arena · Dragonborn's Gladiator Armor · Dragonborn's Tournament Armor · Dragonborn's Duel Armor · Dragonborn's Great Armor · Ruthless Chasterner · Silent Zealot Gladiator's Chest · Malefic's Costume · Wolfborn's Costume Arena Points (Arena Supplier NPC) · Costume of the Elusive One · Archmage's Costume · Warrior's Costume · Gladiator's Costume · Duelist's Costume Miracle Shop Priest's Costume Mage's Costume Seeker's Costume Templar's Costume Blade Dancer's Costume Druid's Costume Ranger's Costume Warden's Costume Barbarian's Costume Shaman's Costume Rogue's Costume Hunter's Costume Chieftain's Costume Death Knight's Costume Necromancer's Costume Warlock's Costume Charmer's Costume Fancy Costumes Wedding Dress Wedding Costume Royal Tiger Jade Tiger Twilight Tiger Mountain Bear Forest Bear Moon Bear Cave Bear Polar Bear Cryptic Ronin Forest Ronin Bloody Ronin Killer Ninja Ninja Spy Master Ninja Teacher Ninja Seawoman's Costume White Top Green Top Pink Top Black Top Lord of Darkness Master of Horror Lord of Flame Golden Valkyrie Costume Sky-Blue Valkyrie Costume Emerald Green Valkyrie Costume Skarlet Valkyrie Dress Chosen's White Costume Chosen's Gold Costume Chosen's Blue Costume Chosen's Red Costume Chosen's Green Costume Chosen's Violet Costume Chosen's Black Costume Red Evening Dress Gold Evening Dress Purple Evening Dress Musketeer Guardsman Light Angel Costume Fallen Angel Costume Pure Angel Costume Star Angel Costume Snow-White Cupid Dress Golden Cupid Costume Red Cat Azure Cat Purple Cat Flamy Cat Wild Cat Jungle Cat Snow Kitty Moon Kitty Emerald Kitty Night Kitty Summer Kitty Flammy Kityy Glamour Kitty Night Demon Abyss Demon Darkness Demon Flame Demon Fury Demon Night Demoness Abyss Demoness Darkness Demoness Flame Demoness Fury Demoness Captain of "Black Shark" Captain of "Ice Narwhal" Captain of "Flamy Serpent" Captain of "Golden Kraken" Captain of "Purple Killer Whale" Captain of "Emerald Piranha" Morning Fairy Evening Fairy Lake Fairy Forest Fairy Bloom Fairy Evil Fairy Berengar's Guard Guntram's Guard Lambert's Guard Drogon's Guard Stronghold Guard Splendid Tuxedo Evening Tuxedo Club Tuxedo High-society Tuxedo Uniform Tuxedo Mountain Panda Sky Blue Panda Forest Panda Pink Panda White Rabbit Gray-side Rabbit Moon Rabbit Chocolate Bunny Magic Bunny Easter Bunny Crimson Corundum (Guild Merchant NPC)
  4. Olá jogadores, administradores, moderadores e desenvolvedores. A um tempo eu tenho notado algumas coisas pouco relevantes que estão no jogo e que nenhum jogador da importância, e venho aqui dar ideias para tentar fazer elas terem importâncias. Afinal se ninguém da importância não tem porque estarem no jogo. 1. Relicários, Baús do labirinto astral. Ninguém abre eles. LITERALMENTE. Eles apenas possuem esferas, pergaminhos e poções consumíveis, mas que dão um dinheiro pouco relevante. Minha sugestão é que os seguintes trajes, Sentinela do relicário, Guardião do relicário e Viajante da estepe, sejam recebidos apenas através deste baú, que como são difíceis dos baús serem adquiridos e existirem poucos no labirinto, ia ser um estímulo para que os jogadores peguem-os. 2. De onde surgiu o peregrino/viajante estelar? Como sabemos peregrino estelar é um lacaio encontrado na loja milagrosa, que pode ser recebido em masmorras como recompensa, ou alguns bosses. Mas também é um mob encontrado ao redor do PORTEIRO, no labirinto astral. minha sugestão é que tornem o peregrino/viajante estelar da mesma forma que a cigarra no labirinto de Kronus, porém no labirinto astral, um boss que ficaria andando no labirinto e que seu drop seria o próprio traje e arma de nível 17. 3. Quem são os lacaios e porque há armas com o nome do zealot e traje do Demonologista? Assim como há acessorios e armas do zealot, os cajados poderiam ter o nome da encantadoras de gatos e os arcos com o do caçador morto. O Demonologista é um boss, porém um lacaio também e ainda possui um traje. Porque não transformam os visuais da Gata invocadora, Zealot do abismo, Caçador morto, Viajante estelar como trajes também? Seria legal poder se parecer com o meu lacaio. 4. O viajante da estepe. Assim como o Demonologista e o Snorlar que são bosses e que dropam trajes com seus visuais, o Viajante da estepe poderia ser como o Pteriks (Do mapa de ayvondil na cidade flutuante), um boss que andaria pelo mapa de Irselnort e que droparia seu visual. Ja tem o Traje, basta aumentar de tamanho e colocar para aparecer aleatório pelo mapa, igual os boss vagantes que ja existem. 5. Trajes com referências a Dragôes. Bloody Claws Outifit (Lembra muito um Dragão ou ser parecido) Dragon Charmer Dragon Hunter Dragon Catcher Dragon's Defender Estes trajes citados são encontrados nos baús milagrosos, porém poderiam ser dropados no boss vingador, como são referentes a Dragão, deveriam ser recebidos em algum dragão. Citei aqui algumas ideias que podem ajudar a melhoras a experiência de jogo e enriquecer os mapas, dando mais enfase no labirinto astral e o mapa de ayvondil. Espero que os jogadores gostem da minha ideia e que os desenvolvedores possam levar em consideração alguma de minhas sugestões em alguma próxima atualização. ~~ Hanssinho, Seeker lv20 -Br Tourmaline
  5. Hi guys here yesterday I post a topic about costumes has bug on iPad but some of staff members thought I am kidding so maybe they removed my topic somehow so today am gonna post it again and maybe admins will check it out and fix 2 bugs earlier I thought it's just a new look for costumes for event First one is with costumes check out images if need more I can post it laters, I found it after event starts but before it was fine,, Another thing is problem with sending pm to players idk it's a game's problem or what but facing in only warspear, it's like whenever I send private message to someone it works fine but if after that I try to send message to someone else it keyboard hangs ang game too event can't write. That's all
  6. Dear Gm, Please Make More Costumes in Mcoin Shop, and make it Cheaper please i want Costumes like Shorts, Sando and Cap or Helmets.., Like a Normal People and We want our Char is like ourselves GUYS PLEASE COMMENT AND SAY AGREE IF YOU WANT TOO
  7. Hi guys it's Robin here, after waiting for long time we got a huge discount on signs whoa that's cool so am just thinking of buy some stuff that I need and I would like to trade with my signs list given blow. Costumes - Snowman (140K+) Ice Warrior (-300k) Any New Costumes from Christmas Event I would buy Equipment - Axe Level 22 (+400k) for bladedancer Belt Level 22 ( no idea about price) for bladedancer heavy armor Or Belt Level 20 With Pane ( Lord's Belt ) ( -100k) Staff Level 22 ( no idea ) Skins - Ice Daggers (-100k) Ice Mace (-100K) Ice Staff ( no idea) Ice Bow/Crossbow ( no idea) Bell ( -50k) Any Two Handed Weapon Skins ( for pala / only Christmas event skins) Am Offering Signs - 15k set might give some discount if someone buy many sets can afford 100 ++ sets PM me or Reply here if u got somehting for me or if u have offers. And have a look at pic really stupid chat in some pic:D Game Char - Justiin, Justiice, Justtice ( elves ) Herohitler, Kiiick, Justincrew Thanks
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