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Found 2 results

  1. The amount of people complaining about this class is overwhelming to say the least. With that, I'd like to highlight easy, simple fixes to Rogue class to Devs and how they can deliver a better class. Will jump straight to the point. Currently Rogue lacks in these departments: Survivability and AOE. Survivability because Dodge simply isn't enough and most classes have a skill that lower dodge. AOE because rogue doesn't have anything useful in Gvgs and war type of situations. How to fix? Read below: Survivability: Dodge, either fix it by removing the percentage % based function and make it a stable guaranteed dodge every 2-3 seconds, that would surely make rogue survive better. Additionally, giving Furiousness skill (previously known as frenzy) a chance to trigger one of the following: -resist 1-2 controls -10-15% dmg reduction -restores 3% of hp every successful dodge, no more than 30% of hp. AOE: Ricochet: Applies Dot to targets it hits and lowering movement speed by 10% (percentage subject to change) There are few other fixes that could work, and what I mentioned could be tweaked accordingly to be balanced. But personally these fixes would surely make the class usable again
  2. This isnt Just About blade Dancers but its gona revolve around that class mainly. Because it is easily the most over powered class in the game. i do not want to here one person on this topic Go blade dancers arent over powered. Now thats That cleared lets suggest some Fixes First of All Developers May i just Say what the f***? Bladedancers Experts are for more superior then any other class Counterstrikes damage and time it lasts needs to be heavily nerfed Counterstrike at the moment if used after a rogue gouges and stealths Will outlast a rogues stealth and 9/10 Times i use merc out of stealth on a bd i get Counter striked back 700+ EVEN IF BLADE DANCER IS +1. Ferocity makes it so bds can have over 1k Dmg base and then fero makes there base around 1500 Not including if stacked penetration makes defence and resillence useless and they have a damage expert and power of the blades??? What the hell were u thinking. Next Ill go deathknight Which has a nice stun cycle skills Not exactly Over powered but a decent class. Saturation needs a buff no one uses it because its garbage... Warlock. A overly over powered Class which is easly Gets Killed simply by a bds counter strike or in one hamstring. Shadow Sphere needs to have a little less dmg a full mana lock can be hitting massive amounts with it. Bloody Tribute needs to take more mana. Necro over all Balanced Panic at lv1 should be able to expand more then one Space besides you because with location bug it Rarely works.... and lv18s cant study and theres better skills to study including Heal shield nightmare and Pit. Barbarians are Over All Balanced Aswell No Suggestions here Shamans. Balanced a Tad bit over powered dealing massive damage Lightning shield is garbage now needs to make it so it Lasts longer at lv1... Less Regen aswell Ancestor Hand Needs to be able to be used on yourself as a shield .... Its a nice skill but useless in solo farm or not in lab Rogue. High Power Capability pretty Balanced I think Reflexes against rangers espiacally is heavily unfair i think the time to regen should be shorter But should be max 2 dodges not 3. Also make Knife and Ricochet damage higher its shit. Mage- Balanced no suggestions... Priest-Balanced No Suggestions.. Paladin Over All Balanced i Think banners Amount of times is a little ridiculious zeus is htiting 1.5k With a banner and hits a crazy amount of times. Druid-Over Powered Druids Ridiculious Amount of Stuns is crazy Forest song success rate should be heavily lowered and a few seconds taken off... A good Druid is invincible against melee in arena or pvp or war by Cycling Stuns with high Cd. Ranger Extremely weak Heres a example of how weak rangers are my lv20 Rogue can beat any ranger any amp on my server. My lv18 Ranger loses to +1 Lv18 Rogues with Reflexes (My ranger is All +9. 600 Base dmg 3.3k hp 3,5k of each defence) They die way to easily cant hamper on dodge without having less then 2.3k hp.... Which is one hit from a +8. My suggestion is Make it so Rangers trap isnt single space sensitive its around a 4 Space area around it.... Aswell as The passive skill Bitterness needs to increase speed and Have a effect like stone skin so we arent killed in one hit like what the hell. These are my Suggestions to Fix the Classes aswell i suggest You Add Jswaazs Suggestion of Skinned Armor. Im gona ask all to post pictures of you getting raped by bds Or any other showing that the devs the issue with these skills anything helps as players in this game we can Balance it ourselves as long as we show there needs to be changed
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