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Found 6 results

  1. the necromancer is a support class with several qualities, but with the passage of time it's losing a bit of relevance, besides having a slow gameplay. In this post I will make some suggestions to make the necromancer's gameplay more dynamic, as well as suggest some changes in problematic skills of the class. DEATHLY EYE perhaps the necromancer's weakest abilities, lost all function over time. today it is only used to activate the relics. here I suggest giving an identity to this skill, it would be a damage booster, in addition to still being used to apply the poison effect with the poison spittle changes CD: 2s to 9s DURATION: 30s in all ranks NEW EFFECT: increases damage taken by enemy by 7-9-11-13-16%. now the maximum number of stacks would be 1 this ability would now interact with the ''Fateful Connection'' ability, the connected targets also receive the Deathly eye effect read about infection later NIGHTMARES a strong skill in some arenas, completely useless in others. here i suggest adding an effect after the nightmare debuff change CD: 15s to 18s EFFECT DURATION: -2s (example now debuff duration is 7s, after att debuff duration is 5s) ADDITIONAL EFFECT: after the nightmare ends, or if the effect is interrupted. the target is silenced for 1 - 1.5 - 2 - 2.5 - 3 seconds with this change, even if the nightmare were interrupted, it would still have an additional effect to not render the skill useless. BONE SHIELD even after the talent that strengthens this ability, it is still weak. my suggestion here is simple, add a coefficient of % of the target's hp to skill. change remove the skill's base shield value. add a % of the target's hp to the shield. for example: % spell power + 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 25% of the shield target's maximum HP. this change would also apply to the priests. POISONOUS SHIELD a very good skill of necromancers, however the healing effect ends up being little used, due to several problems, including the visual bug, and movement of the target under the effect of the shield. my suggestion is to simply make the shield heal the target without needing 'Acid Rain'' change now the poisonous shield heals the friendly target every time the healing frequency would be changed to every 2s, the healing values could be adjusted to reflect the new mechanics necromancer is the only one of the 4 healers/supports that has only one reliable cure, this change would change that. INFECTION It's a good necromancer skill, but its effect is very similar to the ''Deathly Eye'' effect so to improve both skills I will split this skill into two. Read ''Deathly Eye'' at the beginning. this would become an ability used only to deal damage. your interaction with ''Fateful Connection'' will be transferred to ''Deathly eye'' change CD: 22s to 16s EFFECT: deals damage to the enemy target, and to all enemies within 1m of the target. adds ''Infection'' effect to targets hit, this effect deals damage to enemies for 6s (every 2s, total 3x dmg) the ability would now deal instant damage, which is something necromancers almost don't have. PANIC! an excellent skill for pvp, my suggestion here is to just leave the default area of effect for all levels change area of effect adjusted to be equal at all skill levels ACID RAIN my suggestion for this skill is purely visual, add a green effect to the ground, to help enemies and even allies and know where exactly the rain is falling. DEAD SOLDIER a skill dear to many, hated by others. I believe this is a very tricky skill to balance. getting either too strong or too weak. my suggestion is to remove the totem, and add a normal summons for the necromancer. change CD: 45s to 30s NEW EFFECT: summons a skeleton archer in the selected area to attack enemies. (basically the same elemental as the druid). Skeleton strength increases by 15 - 18 - 21 - 25% if there is at least one corpse near the summoning area. in addition, the skeleton would receive necromancer status, the same as other evocations already receive ->the skeleton archer concentrates his attack on targets the necromancer uses the ''Poison Spittle'' skill
  2. it's no secret that the charmer is being an above average class at the moment with the physical build. spam from dogs in the area can be problematic for some classes (not so much for others). but I'm not here to talk about the charmer's dogs, I believe the DEVs will do their best to balance the class in the next update. I came to make some suggestions for changes in some of the charms' skills GOADING (aggro skill) the only aggro skill of the charmer. i don't think the charmer and the templar need any other aggro skill, but the aggro skill of these two classes need to be improved to make up for that. in the case of the templar and the charmer, this skill should have a lower DC, something like 10 seconds, as it's the skill used both for aggregating a target and for multiple targets. and in the case of the charmer, the skill's range should be increased, to be standardized with the templar, which is 3m. changes CD: 14s to 10s area of effect: 2m to 3m. with these changes it would be much easier to play as a tank with these two classes, without needing to add another aggro skill unnecessarily. OTHERWORLDLY FIRE (rework) this is a weak ability, even on buildings aimed at magic damage. its cooldown is very high, damage is low, area is small, and stun chance is low. this skill needs a good targeting, being a skill with a single function, in this case it would be to deal damage in area. increase skill's range of action to 2m (5x5), remove skill's stun chance, reduce cooldown, increase skill damage depending on character's spell power, add chance to burn enemies hit, dealing damage over time. changes CD: 24s to 20s area of effect: 3x3 (1 m) to 5x5 (2 m) increase damage add a chance to burn targets hit for 8s equal to the character's ''critical hit'' remove chance of stun SUMMONER SKILL (interaction with relic) this is a very good skill, actually for her I come to make a small suggestion. this ability cannot critically hit normally. however if the charmer uses an ''Icy relic if cruelty'' it makes the area damage of that skill critical, ignoring a barrier that exists within the skill. change my suggestion is: make this skill critically hit even without using the relic, or completely remove the possibility of this skill causing a critical hit, even with the Christmas relic. EYE OF DARKNESS (buff) this is an ok skill, not very good, but not bad. I suggest increasing the effect duration at all levels, to avoid skill spam, and maybe add some new effect to the skill as well. change increase skill effect time HELP OF CHAOS (buff bird atk range) arguably the charmer's best magical ability, but he's a support pet, and often when he gets into melee range to perform a basic attack he dies. my suggestion is to simply add some attack range to the bird. change increase attack range: melee to 3~4m visual update for pets without further ado, it would be nice to make some updates to the look of the charmer's pets, the game evolved graphically, and the pets summoned by the charmer turned out to be ugly and outdated, it would be amazing to make some visual improvement on both
  3. Turtle

    Snow Bosses

    Snow Bosses need to drop more then Retri gears there way to difficult for just a low % at a garbage piece of equipment that you sell to NPC that or they need a Heavy nerf in patch Fix fast. I suggest adding weapons/Serpent costume to them and keeping them the way they are so its useful to farm them because at the moment its useless to fight them as they currently are. 11 Minutes 54 Seconds with two +10 Bladedancers buffed with Minon Btw. Link to youtube Video for Support. Crusher
  4. It's that time of year again. You! Yeah, you! Do you want your boring and common avatar to be decorated with high quality 4K HD hat image? Of course you do, everyone does. Now, you're probably wondering "what do I have to do to qualify for this wonderful festivity?", and the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Just post in this thread saying you want a hat, and I'll give you a hat, or even two so you can pick whichever you like the most. Of course, you can include images in your post and I'll hatify them instead - be it your avatar in higher quality, something you want to use as avatar, or your beautiful beautiful face with desire to change your facebook photo. And it's completely free! As a kind Santa's helper, I believe in giving over taking. As long as my hats bring joy, I will continue to do so. A freebie for everyone.
  5. Ho ho ho, It is Christmas time soon, Gingerbread taste and cracker boom! Gift boxes hiding under the tree, Everyone's happy, and also me! Snowmen waving in the garden, Hope Santa gives to noone carbon, Which is coal, but it doesn't rhyme, Children throwing snowballs outside. School holiday, I can sleep till late, And then I can go to the breakfast table straight. Muffins, cakes and hot chocolate, Oh, too much sweet, this is my fate... What do I want for Christmas this year? I want a happy holiday with no tear, Also some books, a phone and telescope, What's your desire, you'll post it, I hope!
  6. Making a note about "sandro's stun" and health players(human health): Often making the new boss of the Christmas Event island, I noticed that my hand felt some pain and came to portray that. when a player throws the blade dancer, to take a new boss stun, the character loses the target and has again click on the boss to continue their attacks and help his teammates to attack. Something not right with the other, because Sandro give new stun every 10 seconds. Considering that the average time to defeat the boss is 30-40 minutes for a regular team. The calculations lead us to the following statement. every 10 seconds the player must click 3 times (1 on the boss and 1 in attack skill, except in cases where the player has more skills to use as a paladin): 6 times you click to aim the target again per minute; each stun range you should take to use any attack skill (2-4). // to the sandro u will die a sequence of 720 clicks in 40minutes, ie every 4 seconds u need to give at least 1 click. My intention is to prevent you guys creators make the same mistake in the nearby possible updates.
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