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  1. Depois do fim do evento de aniversario, as tws estao dando bugs, as vezes mesmo depois de matar todos os mobs os portais n abrem, as vezes eles abrem sozinhos, mesmo sem ter terminado de matar os mobs, ja aconteceu comigo 2 vezes, a primeira na tw mortario(primeira tw do mapa1 proscrito) e tambem no bg hard(na ilha 2, irselnort), isso sem conta as vezes q acontecem com outros players, entao gostaria de pedir uma atualizacao para consertar esse bug Obgado
  2. I know its too late, in update 5.3 dev said : Priest Elusive Threat. Decreased debuff, lowering enemy's energy and health points. No more than 20% on each skill level. Decreased the amount of energy required dependent on skill level, up to 20-22-24-26 points. Skill cooldown time decreased to 16 seconds. but in game the cooldown is 20.8 sec and i have tried it myself and the cooldown around 20 sec Im not whinning or complain about the nerf, im just reporting bug is this bug or is this already planned? I am fine with 20 sec cooldown tho
  3. Sometimes chat messages overlap the edge of the screen. Windows phone. The phone model is Lumia 930 if that matters. In the screenshots the word SELL does this; only SE is visible.
  4. Hello, I was wondering why whenever I try to make a purchase by sms says that to review the message, always have tried on two cellular and two accounts in my and my cousin what's happening? and I have credits in both phones.
  5. Have you ever played sham and you cast earthquake and you character begins running to the area you just selected??? And you're like " what the hell is going on here?" I know many of us players know about the bug/glitch, (what ever you decide to call it.) Where when you use a skill like; earthquake, tornado, totem, and any skill that allows you to select a chosen area to cast your spell/skill. Your character move to the area but, to other players you are still standing in you original spot you were standing in before u cast. Which is the current spot you are standing in the game. This bug is very annoying to me I don't know of it is to others. But it was so annoying I decided to post about it. I'm not sure if this was intented for this game or not but I would love a response on why this happens and whether or not it will be fix. Thank you, I'm not "crying" about It just would like to know is all.
  6. Hi guys here yesterday I post a topic about costumes has bug on iPad but some of staff members thought I am kidding so maybe they removed my topic somehow so today am gonna post it again and maybe admins will check it out and fix 2 bugs earlier I thought it's just a new look for costumes for event First one is with costumes check out images if need more I can post it laters, I found it after event starts but before it was fine,, Another thing is problem with sending pm to players idk it's a game's problem or what but facing in only warspear, it's like whenever I send private message to someone it works fine but if after that I try to send message to someone else it keyboard hangs ang game too event can't write. That's all
  7. Turtle

    Small Quest Bug

    As seen in this video about Minute 1/2 In Dialogue missing for Quest "Water power : 6/8" Click on quest info its not found. This is normal Btw https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl1pa1zcSuU
  8. TheCabbage

    Items crash

    I bought a Harad's Banner, and when I tried to see item info, the game crashed. The game crashed also when trying to see the infos of Throwing Knife, Explosive Trap and Totem. Yes, you forgot to remove Master Mentor from Tlaskoe Library.
  9. Hello there, developers. I'd like to report 2 things which by my opinion aren't okay. 1. as you can see on ss below, Minion's health and mana bar (+ time remaining of course) are missing, after entering into next location. 2. I'm not really sure, if this second thing wasn't made advisedly.. but always, when I open chat to write something (unexpectful), it suddenly scrolls at the top, so I can't read the newest messages.. It's kinda annoying. (probably not only my problem, maybe its just bug of the latest client) thanks for your time! -Keeev
  10. What is this ? New category?
  11. I'm trying download the recent version for windows OS, but the page for download it's not work! Please, Fix it! Many people do not playing because the page is off. Thanks
  12. I just came online and found that am in God mode lol
  13. Bug is described as title. . Dafuq?
  14. Just a bug ive found id send a ticket but Gm on break so postin here thx
  15. Hi i play in Eu-Emerald 4years and i have druid lv24 ranger lv20 bd lv15 and many other chars low level ty gm to make inspect char now I can report it. Legionner is the top 1 arena 2x2 lv4-6 but he taked this place using ilegal methods, I don't play arena lv6 but its not cool with the other players have one player lv6 using weapon lv10 they's never will win... Weapon lv1 x lv10... See it and do what need do.
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