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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! I would like to present my artwork ( costume ) I'm just young, No computer editing skills and no one teached me or helped me to make this costume. I did not get any ideas from the internet or someone, So no need to judge my work if it's not good. Well, Arfibot's name came from *ARinar's FIrst RObot* I made a representation front and rear view of Arfibot: Administrators/GMs can change the color gold to something better or put some effects. It's their decision. I just made a representation on how i express my imagination. Sorry If the picture is small,but you can zoom it anyway. I think i had followed the rules, the costume size. Updated Link: http://imgur.com/a/GuOIx Arfibot Well, This robot is mostly made up of metal with some golden parts.I think this is the first time you will see it. I designed this robot like this: Metal body ( silver ) Golden parts ( Ofc, Gold) Face composed of flame, fire,light ( it's like a transparent golden orange fire ) If you noticed, there's a golden line on the center of his body ( vertical golden line ) it's actually fire, flame or light ,it's kinda' connected to his face. I'ts Ears are gold. These things on it's shoulder and legs is gold. And it's belt are gold It's Shoes are gold. Well, Well, Well. That's all i made with efforts, originality, and my own imagination. Thank you for reading! Name: Realquick of Eu-Emerald
  2. Here is my entry, the Crimson Hawk. It consists of a black hood, black-red coat and pants. A golden belt with an emerald gem attached to it. The black coat has a golden lace around it and a hawk emblem at the back. Not forgetting the crimson-colored mask. http://imgur.com/w6GBEh4 This costume was created as a tribute to the legendary ruler of Ayvondil in the early centuries, the Crimson Hawk. The Crimson Hawk fought every enemies who tried to ruin the island by threatening the lives of the citizens living there. The defender of the land from one generation to another.
  3. The World Of Arinar Is in Dangerous A Virus has been release from someone who dont know. The virus call S-Virus(Spiriluna virus) make people from Arinar become monster. Someone who dont know make clothes wich can hold virus to infection body. The Clothes name is Spiriluna mask poison. We need to use it to survive and kill people who become monsters. We still dont know how to handle this S-Virus and how to make cure people has be infections. We know is just kill it and survive to alive. We live on tunnel and cave our upper world has been dangerous. ends. Our clothes make from material has been save from Virus. The body armor material from Carbon ceramic silicon The Mask material from carbon fiber silk Hand armor from pure iron material Boot armor from fiber of spider silk http://imgur.com/a/KqJkp http://imgur.com/a/KqJkp
  4. I'll try to make this post short, so you can save your tomatoes for dinner. I present my entry, Death Judge. DESIGN: Aye, skull. You know me, so that should be expected. *chuckles* Skeletal breastplate, red coat, all that villain stuff. The costume is barber-friendly so some of your hair are exposed and you can still be unique even if there's more of the same costume. I'll just share my thoughts, so you can skip this part. See, the idea started with the eyes. Here's the tale, you might know the Grim Reaper, but not his cousin, the judge. What does it do? Well, it will decide the demise of the damned mortals, whether it would be a quick but horrible death or a slow and painful one. Unlike the reaper, the judge will never appear over the mortals and they are all unaware of their trial, the Seven Judgement. Seven of the Death Judge's eyes will look into the mortals. Personalities, attitudes, beliefs, sins, objectives, deeds and existence. Only then the judgement of the eyes will decide how the damned mortals will meet their end. Why seven? No idea, it just sound cool. Seven spirits, seven deadly sins, seven wonders of the world, seven dragon balls. QUALITY: Far away from your sight A place that forsakes light Seven eyes can see all It decides how you'll fall Demeanor of a judge Will devour your courage Hiding behind crimson Frightening skeleton Skull glows like platinum As well as the sternum Dark leather of crimson Golden crown shines like sun It's eyes are the jury Defender, attorney Lying will cause regrets It knows all your secrets POSSIBILITY: I'm positive that it is possible for my entry to be added in the game. The environment of Arinar reflects both goodness and evil aura as well as it shows various appearance of creatures, arts of sorcery, and defying the rules of life. My entry controls the elements concerning death and most players from the villain faction might like the design. ORIGINALITY: By carefully observing the existing graphics from the game, I tried to make my entry as close as how the designers design their costumes. I used part of their work as guide to my idea so that I can illustrate it properly. I will present illustration to further show details too. Skulls are it's key appearance and I tried all of the skulls in the game but they are a bit large to fit so I used my previously designed skull from my fan-made costume. The shoulder pads are skulls as well and I failed to find a guide from the game, so I made different shapes from small a size until I finished making the final design. Overall, I can say it's original since I started the idea from scratch. If it somehow have exact resemblance from other's work, it's all coincidence and no plagiarism intended. That's all there is to it. If my costume would be chosen, I'll leave the editing to the professionals. It will not mind me a bit. Though I have a strong feeling that the Great Ones won't grant me another win. *grins* Gratitude all for staying! Here's me, wearing Death Judge. *smiles* - Veraeuz
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