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Found 3 results

  1. Currently, the battle for territories in Irselnort's territory is quite tedious because when there is a greater number of high level players and guilds on one side it makes the other side less favored, I'm making this topic to suggest and criticize, so let's go. 1- For the one-sided overpopulation solution, it is obviously to stop allowing players to create a character on their respective side, and another option is to not allow a player to have an character on one side different side, which in my opinion is the best way. 2- To make the battle for territories more interesting and balanced, it would be interesting to limit each side when using a guild skill, each side is entitled to use each guild skill only 3 times for example. 3- It would be very rewarding if when the battle ended or all the flags were captured, all players present in Irselnort were automatically teleported to the first city on their respective sides, it is very annoying when the event ends and there are many enemy players in the cities. 4- And finally, balance the classes correctly, even for a player who spends a lot on the game he struggles a lot to defeat classes "free to play", this is boring you know? Anyway, that's it, I hope all these words weren't in vain, and finally, thank you for your attention 🙃
  2. the battles for irselnort territories are one of the events that I like the most, because that is when each faction can show its value. but with the advances in the game, the evolution of the players, the guilds the battle for territories ended up becoming a battle for those who have more guild teleports or other skills. it would be very good to go back to the old days, where we needed to get together, organize, have a communication and unity with the faction. my suggestion here is very simple, during the battle for territories, all guild skills would be disabled to be used on the irselnort map.
  3. Since Resilience became a PvP statistic, isn't it time to change it as a reward of the 3rd star obtained in the Battle of Territories? I've read somewhere that you already are aware of the problem, and I'd like to advise one "common" stat which can work both in PvP and PvE: Critical Hit. My idea is adding +10% critical hit to the faction who achieves 3 Captured Territories, instead of Resilience, which will heavily nerf the defence of Tank players and every PvE character. Critical hit will work for everything, and will push more players to fight for the glory and the victory of their faction ( instead of stopping at the 2nd Captured territory because "3rd star nuub.") What do you guys think about my idea?
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