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  1. Alright. (btw, I am sorry if this forum has already been released, but I am Updating it for the new 7.0 Update!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, In your opinion, What do you think is the Worst and bess class, with no buffs and amps? Mine personally is the Death knight. High atk, high def, and i just love the dks skills. What about you guys?
  2. Turtle

    SiN-Us Sapphire

    SiN Is Open for New Members Who Enjoy Arena and Farming (: Ill upload A video here to get the Around feeling what SiN is about Inquire ingame to any Heir to Join. Us-Sapphire Guild Level 2 All Skills Maxed 3/3 Storage maxed and Stocked with Equipment,Tickets and Pots for Loyal Members. Leader:Oneshotwin/Metallica Heir Names: Dkcam Kronusx Dispensed Shshadow Eviiill Also Dkcam wanted to post this video as an Introduction for himself... even though it's childish I think it's funny so I'll post
  3. Estou aqui pra dizer, que acho a arena muito desequilibrada, segue o meu exemplo: " Eu gasto Moedas pra colocar 5 expert skill no nível 20 pra ficar caindo arena com lv 24? Não faz sentido, nem vale a pena colocar moedas" O que vocês acham? Antes era mais justo.
  4. Zeloter

    Charmer arena 2x2

    Zeloter, pve Charmer +1 vs all. My first video and first pvp experience of charmer. As you can see most of opponents have pvp armor and weapons but charmer is standing well.
  5. Пробное видео Заклинателя. Тест Заклинателя на арене. Заклин весь +1, пуха +5, пве шмот.
  6. Here's my Idea: #1,2,3 Get a Ranking chest from Arena It has Costumes,Accessories,Skins And Weapons/Armor You select the pieces you want Like a barber set (Look pics Below) and it provides a Preview of the item on your character. #1-5 Gets Buff As it is Already. With Comes This update Classic 3v3 Mode Comes Back As Well. #1 Chest Includes Greatness Items,Gladiator Skins ( Blades Come as 2 Pcs Together) Greatness Blades(Damage Fero Resi Crit) Greatness Axes( Damage Fero Resi Pene) Greatness Rondels (Damage Resi Fero Attack Speed) Greatness Staff ( Magic Dama
  7. Okay so the problem is getting matched against +10 arena gear dudes every single time, and to this one might say "Okay wow everyone else has it the same way, and thats just how it is" And I might answer something like; "well then, strange man with an annoying attitude, give me my dmg3 sphere and I will not post these!" Then he might say "just do arena bro losses get you points too, I don't see the problem" And now I get frustrated; "how dare you?! I have to lose a good 20 games for a stupid sphere and I can't buy tickets because I'm as poor as a rat"
  8. >Be me >Quit game in 2015 >Occasionally logs in to see how are the things going >Fast foward to 2017 >Time to play again >Bag flooded with event gifts >No extra slots poorfag bag >Lots of tickets, arena seals, craft licenses, stam pots and other pots >All personal, and im not gonna to drop it >Slowly getting rid of the gift things >Going arena occasionally to get rid of tickets, only them and pots left now >Absolutely garbage at arena, random bd comes rant at me >Explain him the situation and the
  9. Hi everyone! So the recent update with the new maps and new items in the AP shop, and the previous Arena-related update really helped keeping Arena alive. Especially remarkable is the matchmaking and rating system that we've seen couple of months ago. They tried to fix the issue with cheating by making organised win-lose parties, and thus winning an Arena season, and they introduced that match-making system. Which gave me a feeling that they actually wanted that this cheating ends. But here is the bad news, people figured out a new way to cheat their way into winning the season.
  10. Please let us select which modes we want to queue to. The way it works now is that we choose one mode to demand a battle on, or all modes at once. If I want to fight but don't like 2x2 for some reason, my only option is choosing either Seals or 5x5. Why couldn't I select both? Or if I want a normal arena and hate Seals, I must choose between the two and possibly miss a fight because I waited for the wrong one to have enough queuers. Also move the demand refusal to the menu where we select the modes - this way we could see if it's worth to queue at all at that time.
  11. Ophunter

    Strange things

    I always thought that arena is 4-6 and after that 7-10? Because according to picture its not, mistake or what? Hiw you can see in picture my level is 4 and one of the opponents is 7, tank you for answers :confused:
  12. Njn won Seals 23-24 in EU-Emerald Ty Malek, Icet, Zack and Masters, this victory is yours too Ty Lyzois, Hoel, Dami, Vla, Poio and many others who spammed with me Sorry AoA, Hassn, Yukixx for all the time/money/chars u lost to fight me
  13. Olá a todos!!! vou ser direto! Estive pensando: O Warspear poderia ter um sistema de interação nas próprias tavernas do jogo. Como assim? Ao entrar em qualquer taverna do jogo, o jogador poderia interagir com todo o cenário em volta. Exemplos: Sentar em cadeiras, ingestão de pedidos ( cervejas, leite... ) . O mesmo valeria para a arena. O jogador teria a opção " Espectador " e, gratuitamente, acompanharia os combates na arena. Acho algo difícil de ser aprovado e posto em prática. Isso porque tenho a impressão de que o jogo ficaria muito similar a jogos como Habbo e, assim, acabaria perde
  14. Hello my ask is. Exist a big different in arena ser 19, 21 and 23 only amor? Beacuse i try make muy Char full arena but i need know which is best, because the arena 23 are more expenseve, and i are lvl 22, wait a level 23 ir buy arena ser 21?
  15. noobdruid

    Arena bug

    Hi Daria , Greetings from India , If arena bracket in lvl 25-28 then lvl 23 ppl should not be able to go in that right ? As of now there is a contraint that party members lvl difference should not be more than 3 levels , some people are using a loophole in this mechanism . Example - Lets talk about 5x5 arena // in 25-28 arena bracket // Lets say the party member have lvl 23 24 25 25 26 then they can demand together ( which should not be the case bcoz lvl 23 24 have different arena bracket and 25 26 have different arena bracket ) . When this happens party with lvl 28
  16. This arena season is gonna end 2 days later so I am wondering now 3v3 arena mod will be avaliable again in next season because it has gone 2 arena season before. I really want that mod get back
  17. So i'am thinking about the afk's in arena. You also dont like go arena with an afk in your team right? So, if when we demand, when already have your team and the enemy team ready, think if we have the option to accept the battle and reject (U will can't see the enemy team and your team). I think when the developer team do it, will reduce the afk's in arena. And for me, the arena is very deregulated now.... What do u think about the demand idea? Leave a comment!
  18. Тактические ходы, бд, ачивки, аренки и многое другое. При поддержке Аринарской Пивнушки: vk.com/warfun
  19. Gm I wanna ask u is arena with lose party is legal or ilegal? If Ilegal Tell me why ?
  20. As the name suggests, a way for people to choose what arenas they want to go in instead of having to 'apply for all' or just go into 1 of them. Here's the concept: So when a player demands, a signal is shown on that screen that they have signed up for that particular arena mode. This just replaces the old 'remove demand' button that just removes all of the demands completely. Why? Self explanatory; Not everyone wants to go in all the arenas at once, and not everyone just wants to do one of them either. not really that important right now but It can also be useful once 3x3 comes ba
  21. Account sharers can spam arena 24/7 and win season easy. You should ban these cheaters from arenas long enough to give others a chance. Else fair players (the majority) will give up and you will sell less tickets and pots.
  22. Hello Devs, Admins, Mods and normal players like me.... Yesterday with my warlock Dragolub I was normally playing arena in 2x2 mode... Then in my last free ticket I faced against Buud [Rogue] and Hassn [barbarian]... Me and my arena partner rogue focused on Buud [Rogue]... We almoust kill him and he was like 1k hp... Then he heals like nothing to full HP... I was shocked =O ... After the fight I ask in world chat how he heals in arena... Then they answer me that he use guild skill... To be honest this is really unfair for us... Please remove using in arena Guild Skills...
  23. How to skill pvp/arena bd? what basic skills should i max? what expert skills should i take? All i found in forums was how to gear pvp bd but there was no topic about skill allocation.
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