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Found 2 results

  1. I want to bump to this topic once again. Remember half a year ago I made a suggestion to renew the system of daily gifts? I rethinked it, tried some new games and here's what I made up finally. You may think daily gifts are useless, who need daily gifts and so on. But that's because you only play Warspear Online, where daily gift consists of a chest containing usually junk stuff that you can instantly drop after opening. I won't tell game names, but I played a game where there were four types of daily gifts at the same time. Did it make the game easier? Certainly not. But it made the game much more enjoyable and made me log in everyday. I suggest to renovate the system of daily gifts in a way like: 1. 7 day log in reward: Miracle Coins - In a 7 day period players would receive a small amount of Miracle Coins. Remember: SMALL amount. I don't want to make Miracle Coins worthless, but this way with a little patience, everyone could get smaller items from The Shop. This reward could be collected outside the game (in the main menu), to prevent multiple reward collection with different characters. 2. Monthly reward: Gold, items and more - Players would receive various reward on the different days of a month, increasing in value each day. Rewards could include gold (not bars); common, fancy, rare (and maybe unique) gear, weapons and accessories depending on the player's level and class; craft resources varying in value, potions, scrolls, spheres, [sign of Imperishability] and so on. 3. Weekly special discount - We get discounts on items from The Shop everyday, but what about a special discount for each player every week? For example I get a 50% discount on [sphere of Damage Enhancement III], while someone else gets it on [Crystal of Ferocity]. It would bring a twist to trading between people. With this gifting system you could encourage people to visit the game everyday, and obviously more people would return and play again. What do you think?
  2. Aren't you TIRED of not knowing HOW MUCH TIME do you have left from the POTION you used? Aren't you tired of having to worry about HOW MANY QUESTS can you complete before the permanence potion you used RUNS OUT and you accidentally may LEVEL UP? This is a really useful feature many of us had a huge desire for for a very long time. A separate menu window showing the time left for each potion, card or other effects influencing you. It is time to stop releasing massive updates, it is time to polish the old ones and it is time to deal with these small but absolutely useful issues. There are a lot of like this one. What do you think?
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