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Found 1 result

  1. So as an mc person ive noticed that tanks (barbs,dk,pala) are barely of any use in pve (as a tank) due to their lower damage compared to higher dps loaded rogues and bd. So how about you change the provoke skill a bit and tweek it. What i mean is...when a party consisting of a 'rogue/bd, tank, heal' take on a boss..its usually the rogue tanking. What i propose is that the provoke skill has the duration of its cooldown ...making it usable continuous *something like the dk dark shield skill* AND make its effect non negate-able i.e the tank always gains the mobs attention. The question then comes up 'opposing parties could spam these skills and easily pull bosses around' . So i guess the provoke skill will work based on culmulative damage of the party/person i.e if the party i used as an exmple previously were to fight a boss again but this time there is another tank as a spy or opposing party. The ability to gain agro of the boss/mob is only possible if the spy were to have outdone the damage of the party Whereas the tank in the party already gained the highest culmulative dmg and is able to provoke Any suggestion to correct the above is appreciated.
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