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  1. May I join? Add Gateway and Immersly... I guess you know Gateway ;D
  2. :diablo: Now your death is now dated! Just tempered when hearing that "lmao" shit!
  3. 9/11 was the worst day and many involved, american live's gone :'( I hate when that happened! So cruel of what people say!
  4. acalmar, porque estas pessoas aqui são lentas :facepalm:
  5. [move] Beast is annoying - Beast is annoying - Beast is annoying - Beast is annoying [/move]
  6. :facepalm: :facepalm: Topic spamming is annoying
  7. You the noob who is raciest about Filipinos New update 8) Who cares about PvP Cave
  8. I am staying with this game :blush: I love to do alot of those quests and win
  9. Lvl 9 beat you and had +7 weapons :lol: Just ask Leqendor
  10. Wow dead... Lvl 9 beat him once :lol: Trying to find screenshot but I only Beastmodes dying from a Lvl 10
  11. One bunny looks different :lol: Find which one is not a bunny ;D
  12. It is a game :facepalm: There are times when she is not online or she is, really you may farm some chances but really that is going over your head I see and I do not know if you are over reacting or just confused.
  13. Yes add me please!! I want to be hated :yahoo:
  14. Ok then I will stay on topic ;D I hate Beastmodes because he spams chat all day thinking he is so tough, but really he is a 14 year old boy that is really fat.
  15. Wow, really please no fights. I do not need to be in fights with people who really need to get their act together, or else if your older than 18 years and you act like Beast, you really must be a 12 year old boy acting like your older.
  16. Your ignorance is no different than Eisha's, but not thinking, I wasn't even thinking and what I just relized of you is your ignorant behaivor sometimes the game. So fill out about yourself because the truth is the truth. Just saw the behaivor now, really starting your ignorant behaivor now right? Where am I on here?
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