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  1. Quest list, thumb up. Seems fixed. One small thing, it's about this screen. As you'd first gues everything seems normal but it's not. I've collected this before the small maintain, not sure if it's anywhere near relevant to the issue before but yea, it's something that I've noticed.
  2. Barbs have been dead for a long time, probably because it's not that interesting to talk about. Everyone had their mainstream idea on a build etc so it's unlikely to put up a discussion regarding skills.
  3. Noticed the Server stop, assuming it'll be fixed. If not I'll feedback here.
  4. Still some issues yeah, few quests state "Quest not found"
  5. Wut x2 Best way to kill someone in a platformer like Dk? Ask your mom to play and speed run it. Best way to kill someone in a fighting brawler such as twin dragon? Change mode to 2 player vs (kick the shit out of eichother xd) Best way to kill someone in a shooter? Unplug their controller partly so it doesn't work proper. Just a few irl haxes you can try grins*
  6. Just a question but do you think it's possible to have a active faction master skill? Maybe if it was a affordable faction master buff (Yes buff, since every faction has a buff of their own) then I could agree with this idea.
  7. It's 2 yards and wrong topic Try testing it from 2yards (non bugged)
  8. Remember, scepter used to be moon/astral and stave used to be dark/astral. This changed when "magic" became equil to all casters. The shield is fine, deep lord has the 4 stats and pilgrim has 3stats
  9. Doubt it's a bug, afterall deep Lords shield gives 4 stats. Having two shields with the same stats? Nope.
  10. Same way as you I feel offended by you, can I leave?
  11. The same way as I think of penetration you, awesome. Why don't you play corpse party instead of shooting flares at fire proof soldiers?
  12. Only your melons are. But why don't you love Seiko? Does this mean you love Yoshiki?
  13. Nah. I ask again, are you a fag for not loving Seiko? How can you not love Seiko, she's Seiko!
  14. You have glasses so look at my profile. Do you love Seiko?
  15. I do not know. Who is your actual favorite anime character that you can place yourself personally in?
  16. I think you should pick a permanent name. Women. Do you understand my weakness to certain anime characters?
  17. They aren't so innocent when you see them in full glory. What do you think about women?
  18. Judged by the fine explanation you gave me; In only one situation I'd even consider this is when it's a female. Do you wish you were a shota just to cause fear in your best friend? Xd
  19. Yes. Will you sit comfortable on my lap even in rage? Wink.
  20. No I demand you keep asking weird questions slave. Will you stop killing your back?
  21. I have no favorite things to do. I'll do stuff that others do. Will you marry me and reject me?
  22. I'm always depressed with your rogue. Would you hold my hand knowing I just fapped?
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