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  1. you got rock crabs in your panties.
  2. trolling 101 or not you still made a simple transfer that was needed at tgat exact moment pretty annoying. Let's see how trolling 10Yoshi will work out.
  3. Till you get counter stunned and comboed.
  4. If i reckon correctly, you can just get 3 warnings max, after that's it's buh-bye
  5. Don't care about it. Made a second part which is here somewhere but barely got feedback on it so never bothered contueing
  6. Ye want stories mate? http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/16819-the-curse-of-labyrinth/page-1
  7. Episode 5 is live aswell.
  8. You can't put a resil rune into a ring in first place.
  9. Haven't announced episode 3 yesterday but it was out. Episode 4 is live aswell! #notpromoting4sure
  10. Aoe stun too, I'll be greedy in my demands from now on
  11. Hop of his corrupted nuts Aze.
  12. He's an old fascist that has a healthy mind.
  13. Blunt suggestion I have is to rework it like a Bds rush, that's just my opinion tho.
  14. Ah, I tried sharing on mobile aswell, copied to clipboard etc and pasted those links here, ended up in just a link though. Also, I'm dutch so not bothered by it xd I'll reckon it's for pc only then sadly..
  15. Episode two is out, enjoy. Metroid zero mission # 02: Moving deeper!:
  16. Oh well, part 2 is out currently if you're interested.
  17. Aye, I've tried that indeed but it ended up with the result just being a link. (Tried mobile and pc links)
  18. Can't speak for others, but like I said it's not my purpose to get views on it.
  19. Greetings. Got a simple question that regards links and posting. How do I make a video pop up on the post I make? It seems that just linking doesn't work anymore, maybe some url with [yt] [/yt] perhaps? Sincerely, Yoshiki
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