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  1. Hold the poll open for a month or perhaps 2. Hopefully you`ll get enough votes by then.
  2. White soda like 7up you mean?
  3. Never came across it, the name isn't Dutch either O.o
  4. No that`s right, and after alot of raging my druid is finally level 18!
  5. Gues who's todays tank? Hilarious XD
  6. Announcements for the holiday patch yeah, we won`t hear from dungeons/avoindyl untill Januari.
  7. It`s cool, don`t gotta rush things.
  8. I believe you have enough left at Us, don't make hasty decisions. I've been thinking about this for nearly a month now, I'd suggest you'd do the same my sister...
  9. Nice picture, wich beach did you take it?
  10. If you can spread the word in-game then it`s a deal. Not to many Spanish players use the forums.
  11. Your not the first to mention this and probably not the last. However, changes are needed. What you may ask? Try changing your style/timing and be more accurate. With that alone you shouldn`t have difficulties vs druids. Yes I`m pointing to you, a simple change in strategy can determin your winning rate dramaticly.
  12. This reminds me of something bad actually... xd
  13. Chris, don`t lower yourself to his level.
  14. Learn English* Speak for yourself before judging others.
  15. Obviously means he doesn`t know shit.
  16. I`ll let you know when I`m thirsty again ;)
  17. Maleshaman


    You`ll only get experience from completing quests.
  18. Don`t believe Panchens, he`s a chicken. Welcome to Warspear.
  19. Hi. I`m certain someone would help you today or another day. Welcome to the game.
  20. Thanks for all the kind wishes and the goodlucks. I can inform most of you that I`ve already found my luck. I`ve gone trough some harsh times and these people supported me trough that, unlike others wich simpely abbandon you.
  21. You`re not alone, we`re with you. Hold still, tests are running. However I have to get back to my store soon, feel free to visit me. You both are welcome in my little house.
  22. I`ll give you raids, server wide or party bound?
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