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  1. What type are you? PvP resil- Combine Gt with arena gear. PvP Dmg- Combine Gt with Vs. PvP war- Full Gt. (optional to mix arena) PvE tank- Full Vs (or any other damage reducing gear) PvE healer- Full Gt (or combine with Vs for crit heals. The skills speak for itself.
  2. Not to mention there are still adds to be taken care of, don`t judge to fast.
  3. Much penis. Very disturbing. Much bann. Wow.
  4. More demons, more Torment.. Take a gues where this screensaver came from?
  5. Far as I`ve seen not, highest reducer takes over.
  6. When you're angry and you know it clap your hands *clap clap * When you wanna die and you know it clap your hands *clap clap* Terrible day, honestly.
  7. Yeah it does suck, selling to stores doesn`t help either since you only get 1G for a piece.
  8. Maleshaman


    In PvP? It reduces 15%on PvE.
  9. You've gotten lucky then, I already had it finished but sacrificed my mirror to help a friend of myne anyway, You're welcome.
  10. Ask them to add a picture of yourself in-game, looks relevant I`d gues.
  11. The solution is to simple. Stop being a level 6, level up and TAADAA end of topic!
  12. Nope, we don`t have that Brand in our supermarkets. Most commons are the regular coca cola, pepsi, highway cola etc.
  13. Jay, I need something confirmed. Did we help you finish Shadows yesterday on your pally/druid? Think the druids name was Latty or something in those lines.
  14. Gonna have to miss out on this roast, no popcorn :c
  15. Nope, it`s a Roast. *spots a cockroach*
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