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  1. Let me farm the imps in peace, god.
  2. Loyal, honest hm good thing I dont know a single thing about you other then how badly you sucked as a rogue. Now again, how loyal and honest are you for backstabbing your old guild? You make me question, and I dont like it. But then again, you dont know me either. I'm do this for a reason, a prophecy ive sworn and that I keep. R.i.p Marceline, the crossing mangina.
  3. Bouncer keeps idiots out, I think ive said enough to a person that has "pride" online.
  4. Go ahead, make me laugh more. Ps: your pride seems shatterd, not only here but in reality aswell.
  5. post my picture, feel free to. Least I dont got a fat face as a certain cockroach, Moeru.
  6. Runs from pvp cave to nadir pvp* still dies, insert fail.
  7. Twice? Only seen one. How about you use a character you made instead of your fat exes.
  8. So you're back again, time for axe to mouth.
  9. When a war gets personal, you better stay out.
  10. Disapointed in you I am, indeed.
  11. Axe to the mouth, nuf said.
  12. Maleshaman

    To Glory

    Nicely edited, especially with the rythm of the music. Certain parts were a bit repetive but other then that, great video!
  13. As I got home I desired some rest on my mind, all these weird things that are going on. I cant get a grip on the whole situation. Tommorow, the story shall continue. For now I must sleep as my bakery has been closed.
  14. What kind of bull is that, cc as reward from a guild tourny? Sheesh
  15. You've done a marvelous job, from start to end. I've got nothing to point out in this guide, well done!
  16. :facepalm: Puts a gun at your head*
  17. Rather use the new gear, first slot gives speed.
  18. This is just a test, and so far I do like the concept of it. They could increase the difficulty a bit though, as it is pretty easy.
  19. I`m not even playing this game for my own entertainment anymore. It`s my friends that I still play for, and that doesn`t require alot of bad ass gears or such. Who cares if you get beaten by a +5? seriously xD anyway, you don`t need to quit or anything. Just don`t be a moron by deleting your chars or anything. @Bloody That`s true :)
  20. Nope, the level 7weapon isn`t the last you`ll get from quests. At the last town you`ll be rewarded with a level 10weapon. And yes you can buy level 9weaponry/armoury in the first town.
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