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  1. Freedom of speech, yet you're bounded and restrained by rules. also, false information. Baka, baka everywhere
  2. Better then you'll ever be. now, are you member of abc? No? Then stay out.
  3. Its suppose to be a guild topic but all the cockroaches that aren't in Abc are just posting there frystrations here. prepare the deleted posts.
  4. Back then? Psych def for the win, rangers, bds everywhere. And no, my druid has no old enchanted gears.
  5. Haven't you made a relevant topic about this at Q&A?
  6. If you mean the Necromancer he made, well its not bought. He's on a clean record now.
  7. Yet this leaves me cold. >plays a old Op class, gets nerfed. (insert fail.)
  8. Any non-casters 2x2taggers? I'd like to see some variation for once.
  9. Creepypastas dont have copyrights, but this is warspear. Your idea is nice but if you want Creeps then you'll have to download Slender the arrival, Jeff the killer etc from Indie sites.
  10. "winners announced" Dont see a sticky yet, wish you luck Lexi. Afterall you deserve it.
  11. Do you even think gankers use the forums at all? Its mainly respected players with a sense of humanity. As for your pics, ill show them your corpse soon.
  12. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=204.23760
  13. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=1618.0
  14. Well, seems like a invalid topic now.
  15. No need to look up on it, theres still strategies to kill 6k mdef users. Not gonna lie, it is a hell of a challange ._.
  16. Figured my issue, was being blind and forgot to download the new apk file -_-
  17. Still seems to be a bug with amping rings/amulets. Its not working for me, im using Android.
  18. Knowing you as a non-tard, I'll agree on whats been said. Yes for Azebu.
  19. Random dk so nope, and yes it was satisfying to be able to farm more imps after that.
  20. Gratz, got my revenge with that dk xd
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