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  1. Go sacrifice your blood on a altar mate, we dont need emo nonsence here
  2. I wonder if the devs just want us to be pissed off, answer me devs, DO YOU?!
  3. honestly even the rich people shouldnt be able to, cuz there are alot rich ones ingame that cant farm lab normally, not even mentioning deep lab..
  4. yea.... it used to be a war game, now mcs and elfs are questing together in swamps like wtf, rename the game spear instead of "war"spear -_____-
  5. Ain't seen a more retarded update in ages. Why add farming gear to a "chance of luck reward" its completely bullshit. Now the trade system is completely disturbed, random noobs selling high gear for what? 40k when it was like 100-150? Get rid of swamp asap, make it like it used to be wow
  6. Hehege, come and test me out, ill show you how smooth a warlock is mate ;)
  7. Ill kick your sexy asses in arena grrr :D
  8. Everyone knows he aint got guts lmao...
  9. Idc what legion says, the only girls he gets are online ones, thats nuf said.
  10. No one cares about the ingame music anyway, so great job lmao
  11. U already have a boss warlock 8) hes called angerfists
  12. There are 2weaknesses to a warlock that i have encounterd, First of all, warlock has a low health there is a way to pump ut up with bg light armour, But.then youll miss out on damage..., and second of all the cloth based armour is to weak For a warlock in my.opinion...the skills speak for each, but i find the pools a mix of earthquake Why? Because dark circle is basicly.the stun.from earthquake, and taste if darkness is the chanfed damage varriation of earthquake (even tho it does more damage in total) Give me feedback if you disagree ;)
  13. So i heard you were a sonofabch is this correct meh lad?
  14. English please, i dont understand moron langauge
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