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  1. Don't even state it like that, You're as good as dead with those stuns on you, then included a shield it's a big rip. But yeah, heal so cool, buff so cool. It's wow. (Now to wait till we get our second stun.)
  2. Curious if I even should download this xf
  3. Not me, sorry xd Still on a road run with Secret of mana.
  4. When I get time to check it out I will, trying to finish up this wash list with barely any time to do so. Square soft is a known company wich made some great titles so I'm having expectations xd
  5. They've fixed the satrap quest, before it used to drop for only one person in the party. Now that they've fixed it it drops for all party members. And the Hollow quest has a few flaws in it, I'm not sure I'd they fixed this today tho.
  6. Never heard of Medabots? It was a famous anime in the early 2000 ' s.
  7. Here's the list. Snes. Gb/Gbc Gba. That's it for now, more to come.
  8. Recently I've downloaded a few classics, a fresh list I'd being worked on. I'll include some screens soon ^^
  9. Think it was in 2011-2012. Still can't recall either names but dragon twins is a good way to call them.
  10. Dual bosses one in red one in blue, think one name was kail or whatever. Appeared after Beholder.
  11. Probably a bit late but rather late then never.
  12. I don't disconnect when I'm trying to put the offer for sale on the market. When I'm trying to put the actually offer up for sale it just does nothing, leaves the box remaining. Now a recent problem is already clear with some of these items such as novice sets etc. Anyhow I've read that it was a known issue so I'll be patient.
  13. Good day, I've noticed that last couple if weeks certain items seem to be either bugged or glitched. This happens in two ways; 1. Try to link a certain item and get disconnected. 2. Try to put a market offer for sale and get this (included screenshots) The offer. The result. I'm pretty sure this is a known problem, so with any news or information about it id gladly hear.
  14. Sorry, we're only looking for females. but you're characters ard so... Yes.
  15. I'll remember this Mecha, if you're online tommorow I'll make sure to hook you up.
  16. Look back at your old posts, then tell me how to "read" Anyway, if you still wish to continue, these forums have the ability of sending pms, before you'll blather 69pages of non-sence.
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