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  1. Tell me why.then, and stop going around the point, scared cunt
  2. Refresh my memory a tiny bit better will ya, cuz idk what the hell yr talking about, and thnx skypers
  3. Nasty, coolcat can be cool, we used to have a hatred against eichothet, but its all cool after we both stopped jumping eichother lol, besides he knows godswraths cant handle me anymore haha
  4. And the reason your getting mad is why?... We all kno the game is unbalanced at this very moment
  5. Wtf are you talking about? Im a saphire player not emerald, are you smoking crack?
  6. Not like I dont got friends but those that are know they are worth alot to me, I dont add people fast and im a ♥♥♥♥♥ to random people, but hey least im honest :shok:
  7. The game is being made to easily, there really are a lack of challanges now, first u had to farm for gear, I bet the new generation doesnt even kno what lab is or so... I dont respect noobs that got tjer dooms at swamp, I respect the old gen that did work for it! Hours long of farming to gain what u wanted the most, sadly this wont change every game gets easier n easier, so say hi to tje new methods of Warspear ,.l..
  8. Oh andbtw, the worst cause of this are brs, they cant kill shit alone then they cry for help to there br comrades, this all escalates into a war, my advice is, GET A JOB, BUY MCOINS, GO duckING AMP, AND DO SHIT YOUR OWN!
  9. If people are gonna talk about pvp cave then dont start, its lost no mc defends it anymore, only cuz shitty lvl 15gankers start shit, then those filty elfs cry for backup, and like 20elf take over the cave, every single ducking.time I try hard to take that shit back but barely any mc would back the true pvpers up, so gues what, PVP CAVE IS LOST.
  10. I seen alot haters towards me lately, whers my name here? Gimme a bit of the glory I dont ask for
  11. Jawnnn not intrested, I get to hear shit about you doing sone hard offenses, so I cover my friends up, search the blame at yourself first (:
  12. Myne are me,myself and I, goodbye
  13. I dont get one thing, you think the best player in saphire is based on arena? Gtfo with that bull, what happend to farming base, pvp honour, helping others out etcetera. So reroll this votes to something else then 1silly.thing :)
  14. Well maybe I dont really care about where I put this topic up? U can say its meant for fb, but do you same the same to everyone else? Highly doubt it ;)
  15. Well there it it I putted up.a maskless picture of myself, for all those that are sooo curious about how I look, tell me what u think ;) [email protected] hicks
  16. I still got arrows in my butt from arena :facepalm:
  17. Only the morons pick stupid nanes like that, they are possesed by sexual things
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