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  1. Derpin, the daily rewards are changed for irselnort not swamp, L2read
  2. Thats what im.wondering, I never send him my pics, I gues hes so into me that he asks other people for my pics. Kinda disturbing dont yall think? :facepalm:
  3. Its time for the big manley to get down so no this topic wony go down untill he admits stuff
  4. Oh and btw if you wanna talk shit on my music go listen it, better then that tiesto shit your always going on about, go look
  5. Lmao id rather be a skeleton then your shape, means I can actually do sport instead of planting a fat ass on the couch watching sport on tv, but lets open a honest question, how much pussy did you get recently? I bet you aint getting a single pussy around you, sad fact tbh. But if yr rlly not fat (thats what you say) then go work on it moron, dozens of people say your a fatzo. I think you realise your fat but you just dont wanna say so. But to wrap my issues up with you heres it. 1. Your ducking disquesting 2. Your a pedofile that hunts online for young girls 3. As I said your fat 4. Your jokes ducking suck 5. Stop hiding behind people(you always get a bigger mouth with tyler around) So if you wanna be "beloved" again go work on the public hate Cya hick
  6. But yeah as a mc myself id like to see a few changes to locks, cuz they almost have a full cycle in stuns, so warlock is a OP class, increase there skill cooldowns, itll save alot of drama!
  7. Im not a cockroach? Btw put that full body shot of yrself up here, just a prove that ur fat lmao
  8. Ey looney how do ypu like the wars in pvp so far? maybe its time to swap factions haha
  9. Bann the "chatsluts" from tradechat if your going to change stuff, would help alot people (:
  10. Chris your one of the few that knows how to fight locks so stop making meme's about locks, let other elfs do the complaining for you
  11. Same old elfs complaining about locks woth there meme's shame on you
  12. Nothing better then mainstream Hardcore ;)
  13. You gotta re-edit my pics you kno its not true anymore
  14. Whos every? And no I didnt tyler stop being a dumb asshole. She was respected your a ducking newby to this game so please talk about your gen players and not the old garde
  15. Obviously you do care cuz u reply everytime lmao (;
  16. Lol chris, and seth my problem is your return, please disapear again (:
  17. Lol, changed your pic fast I see, how cute
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