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  1. I voted to die plisky :D
  2. Cant agree more with ya hehe (;
  3. Why dont yall suck my nipples, bunch of haters
  4. Most girls I kno irl got better stuff to do then that, thats just for gaming.addicts :!
  5. Seriously wtf are you talking about? Go use google translation aswell I dont under a single word :!
  6. Screw you nasty, wont even lick my hairy nipple :c
  7. Lol dont even talk you dumb piece of shit, your chars are weak as shut, u got no insults, none of your sentences make sence, just shortly your trash, amd eisha likebwe said its been peacefull when you were gone. With no respect, please leave again double faced pornstar (:
  8. Im not joking, I know roughly like 12people that have the vid or has seen it, I just wanna trow it for live audience
  9. Why dont you put a dick in your hands eishs, itll save alot more drama when ur hands arent on your keyboarf.. Just like it.went on that vid " ooohh baby, ooh babyy"
  10. I need someone that can cut videos to a smaller length, imma upload eishas porn to forums (:
  11. Damn those were some bad grapics!
  12. I kno, and I aprove it, was about.time elfs start uniting
  13. Yup, most gankers kill in groups, epfs watch eichother die 1by1 thers no issue if u take out the gankers
  14. There are more issues, you elfs dont help eichother when mainly brs are ganking, only advice I got is get active n f*ck em up My vote was a nope clearly.the problem is in the elfs there hands
  15. I love how you combined false facts with true ones, your mixing me with yourself idiot. But yeah I can see your points in asking nudeys online, you only ask lill girls so its all cool lmfao
  16. Damn you pvp it was just getting serious lmfao
  17. Funny how elfs pick panda suits when panda stands for mcs haha
  18. Lol did you ever realise what you were doing to her? Amd I never said she was beautifull, every girl has her charms and beautys, thats what I said, and no I dont wanna say that badly. Please come with a true story you backstabber. Acts like a friends but trying to pour gas on my back and light it duck off "bro" But yeah if she showed the convo then post it, id like to see it cuz I rlly think she said "damn I wish I had this ss'ed" so no there is no proof, now go suck manleys shrimp and be quiet little coke dog
  19. Lol none here is insecure afro, if u.see what manley starts in the cave youll be amazed of what a single man can start, well man... Rather call him a boy But he likes to get in people there personal space and to make fun of them in a non joyfull way I think he has some past issues, probably bullied at school or.something Oh.and tyler if your going to call lindzee hot ypur so wrong lol yall broke up like 10x and keep getting back together, but ill forgive you for banging manleys ass. Coke does alot to you, probably tought manleys ass was yr girls pussy
  20. Ok manley you wont change, keep being hated then (:
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