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  1. When I found out I have xd Used it to multiply my master balks to catch legends
  2. Facepalm for being in the cave and not doing them, nice self burn sir.
  3. > cry -being serious. > play the game - is playing it. > go do something usefull instead of hanging at cave getting killed and get mad over it then agree with a trash bag on the forums. Let me show you what I'm doing with a screen. Your turn.
  4. Better then you, start helping others out on your bd and see what kind of filth dwells in there.
  5. Miko or should I say blood, just don't start would you kindly? You act like they're the ones hiding from you or bringing an army but the truth is that you hide your rogue in the corner when there's too many for you to handle. Also not to mention you hide your rogue when a paladin comes then you switch to your shaman to quake - ball - blind and run to nadir. I'll start taking screens next time aswell. 10 vs 5? Xd you're funny even if it's 3 vs 9 we don't run
  6. Eu - West? Also I've added another game to my list, it's Pokemon Fire red. Reason I'm playing this and not my old time favorite pokemon Blue is bevause I've watched the Pokemon Origins anime and i loved it in a way, hence the updated graphics etc (yed I'm playing for graphics and content.) It's a cool game, easier to find a team aswell and I'm actually playing pokemon how it's suppose to be played (gotta catch'm' all) It's a struggle but it's refreshing doing something different then levelling up and beating the elite four then throw away your card ridge xd
  7. @Delta, yea I kinda noticed with levelling the skill it does stun a bit more often and it does last longer. @Skywalker, even strong blow barely increases from 1 to 2 xd but when you're going defensive mode this skill works pretty well (Yes I'm sure even vs 2h barbs)
  8. So I've became level 22, thank you I'm advance for complimenting etc. I've made some screenshots of what my shield strike was hitting before I made it +2 Before; After; Seems fair enough in my opinion.
  9. Time for you lazy cnts to go #1 and head for nadir dungeons, gogo.
  10. It might've been increases by a split second or two, I'm not sure. As I stated elsewhere I've been doing my PvE 1h today, and I simply find it amazing. Little side note, I haven't really bothered testing the stun duration and I'm still at level 1 I'll update it with possible (Yes possible I'm not doing all the maths for you all) stun durations/increasing.
  11. 1h actually deals more damage in dps then 2h, the faster the speed the more hits you get etc Pvp wise you get a sh*t ton of extra defensive stats tho you do lose damage (especially on high resi/def) but that's known. PvE wise a shield suits you fine aswell, I've been doing my dailies 1h today and it's "just" about the same speed as 2h. The new Cd on shield strike works great, you can kill a mob with both strong blow and shield strike, then kill a mob or two without shield strike and its cooled down at the 4th again. Absolutely Amazing! (Even pvping higher amps the fights become endless, giving the barb ultimate survival)
  12. Thanks for calling me a moron then.
  13. Can't inform you how it's now, haven't played.
  14. > increase duration. Hahaha. No. Stun remains 1sec at lvl 1 but more likely to actually stun.
  15. Damage on it is absolutely fine. Tested a max without consumable buffs (power card or polar) My max currently is 1104! Buffs that have been used were 1 ice queen ring (5%) Fury at level 3 and a necromancer infection.
  16. Might be fixed, unknown to me currently
  17. New skills came out and after a struggle of finding buyers to gather the cold I've finally got Shield strike. What's required? lvl 18 and above. The skill itself. A shield (non consumable) So yes, there are no buyable shields in the store. The animation isn't wonderfull, not as I expected. No nose breaking but there appears a godly shield from the sky crashing down on your enemies head, hue. Here's a pic. ok so damage wise. Damage is dealt and it has a VERY low stun chance at level 1. (Yes facepalm here if you'd like.) How is damage counted? It's counted by your Psychical damage, only 1h weapons will work along this skill since you'll need an shield. You can raise your dmg by buffs, equipment etc, causing the skill to hit more aswell. *Also highthens dmg with skill increase. Here's a picture of a boar getting it. now when I say the Stun isn't wonderfull, I mean it I've tested the skill on about 12 boars and only one recieved a short 1sec stun, total fail. I'll update when I play around with this.
  18. Bot nuke, black day in Rs history, golden dawn for those who played fair. All the welfare that's been build up in this game, it was on a down hill to sh*t caverns. After the bot nuke none existed for a month or two, but they're back. And Swaaz we've already spoken about Rs, I am a player, I am legit, and I am proud of what I've reached after 7 years or so (tho I quit for about 2-3 years now) But yeah Runescape has a dark side to it, much like other mmorpg ' s There's actually Asian companies that have people hired, what for? It's for selling rs gold for irl money. Think about it, a game where money is easily obtained, has a rl buying site (s)
  19. You've always been xd But not if you don't feel like it so yeah
  20. So I've noticed all the hatred on how the new skill will be. Opening the discussion now, as I stated above I've seen the hatred. Shield Strike" (Barbarian). Barbarian hits with his shield with a chance of stunning the enemy. Damage grows along with upgrading the skill. First impression. Shield strike won't be as usefull vs all classes out there pvp wise but it certainly carries something we need. What is it? A stun and extra damage ofcourse. Now its not clear yet if you have to make use of a real shield or a buy able skill consumption, well see this tommorow. My impression; It's a good extra skill that's been added, far more usefull then War cry wich as we all kno lacks agro in the finest detail. In comparison with combat fury I'm not sure, I like it but I'm willing to change this (if no other option) for Shield strike. Reasons to us dueing my main rivals, wich are Bds are overpowered blade hamsters. Even when one on one with rangers I see more use in Shield strike then fury, reason here for is because your regenerated health disapear in a split second. War cry vs them, big flop enough said. Anyhow, druids is well... Let's say if they're not hardcore kiters, any barb could pulverise them (I'm counting on you that you're aware how to play a barb ok, INB4YOUAREANOAMPCHAMPHATRED) Chosen classes, no problem with them in any way, each can get crushed easily if well played. Yes even priests (tho these are the strongest out of 3) What's the big issues with barbs? well most of you kno tank play, you'll depend on defensive stats alot equiled with a good damage, if you are not find your own methods. anyhow the issue isn't really amps or such, nor gear. The problem is we don't have a stun to relay on, we have only one damage skill (tommorow to become 2) these were reasons why people taught barbs were jokes, but I'm sure people that kno how to play them are feared by many. This is all my mind is capible to think of currently, feel free to add your own taughts in a comment. Roaring regards, Yoshikis
  21. Glads are good but what you're looking for are maces and spears as your weapons. Reason to is because maces and spears both carry magic and psychical offense. Care to disagree if you're looking for speed, this is where 1h swords come in. Armoury I'd mix heavy with light. Meaning you need to focus on a few key points. 1. Keep your accuracy up. 2. Get a decent crit ratio above 15% 3. Get a fair ammount of defense enchants (psychical) With these you're ready to move on, things change around level 15-18 but that's what you'll figure yourself
  22. Private servers aren't anything compared to the real Beta. Privates have a 200% xp rate or so, wich dramatic increases levelling. Only real and honest players know how rewarding it feels to get requirements and or skill mastery. Not to mention you can teleport everywhere -_- And who says they don't want to pay for Rs Beta? It's alot more enjoyable then Rs Eo (but that's my opinion)
  23. Just a day to wait till we find out. Recently posted some of my lovely compassion towards bds under the Fury topic, Hatches with perm are basicly anti shield material, not to mention the high damage they bring with them, add 2x stun+a absorbing damage skill. Yeah, you do the maths xd
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