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  1. I cri ever time Would you pretend to be a toilet to seek up on panties?
  2. Nope I like spooning. Would you ever perform a good luck charm?
  3. Secret link, only usable on others. How many pizzas does it take you to have a good night?
  4. Jason, no doubt if you were to pick a power, what would it be
  5. A wise friend once said; "No, no, nooo! " Can I leave?
  6. Yes, because I'm on my period Are you going towards boku?
  7. No, I don't like clumsy things that go boom in my face. Do your balls hurt?
  8. I like it strong. (Don't get ideas you crowd) if you were to combine powers, would you reign over time and space or shape the world in a colourful place full of anime?
  9. I'll be slightly annoyed or worried, can't even figure how I feel. How hard is the knock back on rubber?
  10. Because it's not Flandre and I'm to lazy to Google, no. (Yet I'm to much of a male to understand woman don't keep one hairstyle) If you had a month to train 12 year old girls, what would you teach them.
  11. A virgin can't possible be a monster. Are you confused yet?
  12. No because either way I'll end up in the same miserable fate as my beloved. She was to young and inexperienced. (Take a look at my profile pic) In light you suffer, in darkness you shine, could you define?
  13. Do you suck or swallow milady. Side kick as in the person that comes around you fighting the crimes of injustice, the man with the skinny boxers, and the simple mask. YES I DO. Have you ever done something bad that you regret other then reading this post?
  14. No. What's your favorite side kick? (What cuz not who.)
  15. Defensive aspect, no doubt Barb. Reason: Rs main first 99 def- idea behind, anti. Reason for here? Most fail. What's your favorite type of fish?
  16. Depending on te content, the glory (not hole) and friends it brings? Perhaps. What would you do if you came across a hell hound? XL edition.
  17. I have a various collection of them, well polished by its last owner. If you had a tail, who would you molest with it?
  18. Can't even answer, IT'S OVER 9000! how do you like your bowl of cereal?
  19. The real thing becomes the fake thing bevause it'll never stay true to itself. How many steel toys did you order?
  20. After cleaning up for some space I got rid of my Snes emu by accident. Rip secret of mana and donkey kong genre.
  21. Think it does add something yes. Stun resist, okay but damage resist? Nah. Big NAH.
  22. Should I bother posting a screen or not?
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