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  1. All good, but why would you restrict lvl 18 to join for wicked? I wanted to join in event, which started as i exited dungeon with my lvl 14 twink, and got a rejection in my face. Are you saying, that in this event and island of love, happiness, friendship and unity, my lvl 14 is not welcome to be part of?


    I call discrimination.


    Stand up against tyranny. End the oppression against twinks.

    >Level 14.


    Please you hit like a level 20-22

  2. Greetings.


    Ive talked about this suggestion a while ago to some of my friends.

    The suggestion itself is quite simple and executing it.. well I dont know.


    The suggestion here is that if you want a special rare task you can pin that task so when it appears you'll get notified trough a pop up or notification on your bar.


    Why should this be added and why hasn't it been suggested before (used the search option for the keyword, no relative matches were shown.)


    Well, from my experience and im sure alot of you who actually read the forum and play might have been waiting for that one rare craft task that you've been wanting to get. But since they only reset every hour-2hour and your task doesnt show up it can become a bit annoying can it not?

    As for myself I'm always eager after mass advanced resources but i rarely see this task pop up in my profesion when i am online


    Which makes me wonder if there are millions of players by now, how come no one has suggested this before, or why wasn't it implemented. Ah well, i dont mind, lets just hope this idea is a good one and that they will put it in the game after some patch or such.





  3. What are your stats and skill build?



    3924 Hp

    101 Hp regen

    120 Energy

    28 Energy regen




    4868 Physical

    4221 Magical

    23.3% Dodge

    2.9% Resil

    2.3% Parry

    17.5% Life steal




    882 Physical

    278.3 Dps

    24.5% Crit

    22.6% Accuracy

    7.3% Att speed

    9.8% Penetration




    5 Strong blow

    5 Roar

    3 Charge


    3 Defeat

    4 Stone skin

  4. Greetings.


    Ive started making my own series on PvE challenges and more which I'd like to show to the community.





    More video's will follow, make sure to keep track for future content!


    Also, if anyone has suggestions regarding what to do, let me kno with a reply and watch your idea being done!

  5. Greetings.


    It seems like the previous topic that excisted has been locked down, reasons are unknown for me.


    Anyhow, I'd like to post some of my work that I've been doing and plan to continue.




  6. I'd rather ask the ones who have tested those skills beyond their first level. Speaking of which, BD's rush skill is also in the question, but I have only tested DK, so that's how this is thread came to be.

    I can confirm Warcry is broken, hence why Ive removed this skill from my masters since it didnt promise what it should.

  7. So I got bored after doing some rides, decided to try and great charm some of my enchants which went quite smooth.


    Now on a test ride for it, the results were enjoyable considering in the past this was usually impossible to do (at least alone)




    I am...

    The one who knocks.

  8. I wouldnt even consider using retribution for pve, reason to i because you lose base stats and the only, i repeat ONLY reason get this is for pvp matters.


    The only "use" this effect has it making lab runs or skipping mobs in general a bit "a bit" faster.


    Now proof to me why it has use in PvE or remain silent

  9. sl002v.jpg






    Ah the golden days when lambert took 2 parties to deal with. Now you can do it with one half decent sham and a low level one. And some full ls rogues and dks probably solo. Same with bds and palas i quess. Sigh.

    Getting stalked by an old lover thanks to your post, you damn chump.


    But yea even barbs solo Lambert bro.

  10. This is actually not a bug...


    In the first pic, everything seems ok. For you and your accompanists at least.


    In the second pic, this is, apparently, a different run from the first pic. So basically what happened is, you and your friend, appearing next to you, forgot to touch one of the levers. So you had to separate from the whole party and go back looking for them. Meanwhile, the others went further and killed the boss, took the chest, and exited. You have now 10/10 levers touched, thus you have the teleport opened. You enter the boss area, and the quest to kill Wally is received. But there is no Wally anymore, for this reason, you can't complete the dungeon. The quest to kill Wally will ONLY be received after teleporting to the boss area.


    How to avoid this? NEVER kill boss if any member of the party is still searching for levers. Actually, NEVER forget levers.

    It was in the same run but indeed he dced twice during the dungeon and didnt get all the levers before we killed Wally.


    Thanks, now I kno the mechanism of the dungeon is poo aswell.

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