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  1. since first playing Warspear I'm very curious and want to know who the person who created this Warspear great game. others may already know who the maker of this game but I was curious and did not know who to ask to whom, what can anyone tell me? :drinks:
  2. Thank you sir for changing my nick :D
  3. Yea DK spear is special coz only DK can use this weps and high damage LOL
  4. Dear GM. How long will this slow connection destroyed like this? this is very disturbing once when hunting or in kotaravva my character is dead killed by monster or killed by another character that passes. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  5. Halo sir, can change my nick name to " Radiuz " :)
  6. U play mcs/elf? If u play mcs maybe we can try it together with my DK and try find other questor :)
  7. Ouw awsome old player still survive and play ws other old player already retired.
  8. damn my dk wrong skill :facepalm: Thorn 5 exala 5 wing 5 thread 1 provoke 1 :wacko:
  9. :shok: how you can be scammed? do you tell your account? :facepalm:
  10. Ah im do harlem shake in gg cave all questor n helper move around not control waiting gg up LOL
  11. Are u forget ur ID or pasword? Or ur ID get Banned by GM? %)
  12. Hmm really im not surprises about doom thing in choosen card...coz im always miss good item so i dont care 80% junk.
  13. One thing make me boredoom in warspear is super laggging n cant enter the server.
  14. Deviruchi

    Server Lag

    Yea lost connection in game make me feel want destroy my Pc its suck
  15. Bring it on, i wanna try the statue lol
  16. no new only bad connection :facepalm:
  17. Deviruchi


    yea like quest the crazy lord orphan lake in chosen all low lvl fight together :lol:
  18. Muse Radiohead Coldplay Jet Arctick Monkey Placebo Rolling Stone Deepurple Gun n Roses Larc n Ciel Lets rock :yahoo:
  19. same here i cant log in to game too :facepalm:
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