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  1. look at this .. this guild is totaly dead.. BRİNG BACK LEADERHİP TRANSFER
  2. i think 2 month would be more than enough because guild leaders should be online and if they are not planing to join to the game just sell the guild or at least join for a minute every week it is very easy.
  3. First of all guilds are made with so much effort and money and some guilds there laying because of their leader stopped playing without even saying anything (PROBABLY DEAD) and i find that very lame and sorrowful and my suggestion is to bring back '' leader transfer '' till we find an another solution.
  4. illumi

    Debuff druid

    as a death knight i hate druids .. all they do is put me in the same stituation for an hour and have fun while ı cant do sheet
  5. amazing ıdea ... ım still sad about changing my 150 achievment hairstyle
  6. i see so there s no way to make that guild alive again ... but is it possible to contact with game masters about this topic and take the guild on my property ?
  7. bruh can u re share this staff bc .. pictures doesnt there anymore
  8. no it is not end yet ı still cant buy miracle coins
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