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  1. yup,i can install v3.8 on my hacked E72 phone.no problem with certificate error
  2. ashelia

    Paladin Stats

    parry or dodge maybe,im agree about block only usable when shield equipped
  3. ironic, but that's how they make money from pop up.sometimes i feel it's like ranger trap,waiting for victims and there's no return once we trapped
  4. same problem with paladin,to increase astral this class have to choose druid or priest cape.pala must sacrifice other slot with useless moon or sun.pity for chosen class
  5. i like my paladin too,but this class must really high amped (if use shield) to become good attacker,thts annoying since FoJ downgraded
  6. im not crying,i just want to tell that it can be happen to me,other player,or even you in the future.i guess its alright to prevent this before happening thanks for your offering :toast: but im in sapphire,and i give my loyalty to my guild,i have nice leader.once again im just worried if this thing happen
  7. thanks for all opinion,yes there are many good leader but we dont know about it later.sometimes even our best friend may backstab us. For now im doing fine with my guild.im just worried if this thing happen in future
  8. As guild member i am kinda worried about guild system.for example,i am doing daily quest for guild to collecting poin,pay tax,and after our guild level increasing to 3 or 4 i am suddenly kicked by leader,this would be not fair.hope in future update there's any system for member safety to avoid any problem like this
  9. thanks devs,i got 2 costumes from this gift :yahoo:
  10. are this map(ayvondil)will separate between mc/fb like irsernor?hope this would be neutral territory so i dont have reason to abandon irsernor
  11. 100% random,I do not have a party for the arena,in my experience there is little unfair doing random arena because when my lvl 15 i have to deal with lvl 17 or lvl 18.we know they've got a very big difference in equipment.my win ratio only 35-45% and because im in fb/choosen side so my win ratio can dropped to 25-35%.im admit that fb/choosen are weak in arenas
  12. yes,players who become merchant buy m.coins with special rate then they can sell it again with normal rate to another players.of course they must bonds with ws rules.in application,ws team must add transfer menu,log for account history,it will prevent merchants to be cheater and in game,merchant should have special colour id so other players can notice them
  13. i think the best solution for this if ws have merchant system in each country for buy m.coins,so every player can buy m.coins easily.if somebody ever use chat application named mig33 should know this.players who become merchant can make their profit and not just spend money in ws
  14. lava elemental bored living on outside so they choose to take nadir :rofl:
  15. no.i download them separately and take a few week to collect all
  16. u can find all of them in http://emuparadise.me http://freeroms.com or http://coolrom.com
  17. yes,i know having emulators are illegal without having the consoles and games itself.except mame i have all consoles and games that i mention above in the past
  18. talk about old school games,i have nes,snes,sega,gba,mame,psone emulators on my android and i still playing it till now :rofl: street fighter,donkey kong country,legend of zelda,ff7,chrono trigger is my fave
  19. unfortunately sun armour is useless against non magic user,for heal,i know mages cant heal even for itself.btw i agree this class really need update
  20. my suggestion is time warp should have stunt effect,so this will stop mages for being a kamikaze chars.then they can change chains skill with other new skill(healing perhaps?)
  21. amp my arena weapon without sign and i lost it
  22. lol,ty.i'll give back next time when my post reach 50 :rofl:
  23. what happen to her if she got doom weapon today :rofl:
  24. i'd prefer using chat application to make friends than search for them here.in warspear many players just want to play game and love to play solo,no need teamwork to play this game except u are boss farmer.other reason is because there's many scammers here.
  25. ashelia


    i cant login too,maybe they still testing new updates for new version
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