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  1. Im finally all sorted :pleasantry: @wesley, we all hate the fact that the items from the dungeon are personal, should be changed to equipped or none for the parameter. If it did get changed, I think that all players who have items from the dungeon...it should automatically change :dirol: Just thoughts......
  2. The problem still has not been fixed and I still dont have the snowball attack function, wtf is going on? :facepalm:
  3. I thought that the updates that would be released are always checked before it being opened :pardon: Android seems to needing a fix, still aint got the new moves and ive updated the new release..what next? :facepalm:
  4. I agree, please make quest items from the Snow Boundaries non Personal as it seems like a waste otherwise :cray: Side note, I have updated the game on my mobile and still haven't got the extra moves, wtf? :facepalm: Please can this be fixed? :)
  5. Loving the Snow Boundaries Update, keep up the good work :drinks:
  6. I do agree, that sounds like a good idea also ;D
  7. Yes, sorry I meant about EU-Emerald, it is a bit annoying that Elf's out number MC's. I guess that's just the way it goes :facepalm:
  8. Hi, After coming back and playing this game for a while, I have noticed that there seem to be way more elfs then there are mc's..is there any truth to this, they seem to be everywhere? :shok: If this is the case, can't we block that side from being created for now until the balance is restored? just a thought. :unknw:
  9. I think I understand what you mean, it would be pointless in other words then is it, as there would be no benefit from it? :pardon:
  10. Hey Ppz, quick question, if you use a shaman, druid etc and buy a weapon that offers another form of attack, such as with shaman, it is moon magic, if someone brought a staff with dark magic, would he/she be able to do more damage or would it be a waste of gold in the first place? Thanks :)
  11. I can see that it would have it's uses, I wouldn't have thought it would be popular though as most players just wait until they come back on or if they are friends, they usually just communicate through various other means such as apps, e.g. Viber etc :)
  12. It wouldn't be so bad if you got some equivalent to what it would be worth in gold, even if it was half.
  13. I see, that sucks to be fair :'( Thanks for clearing that up though.
  14. So, I am stuck with the items from the novice pack that I opened including the weapons, armors etc as they have become personal also? :fool:
  15. So, I cannot trade a costume with another profile of mine on the same server if I have brought the novice package, can I seal it back up? :pardon: If I brought a costume with MC off the store, but, didn't wear it, can it be traded then?
  16. Hi, What is the cleansing scroll for? I have brought an initiate pack and want to change the parameter on the costume from personal to non, so I can sell it or something, how do I go about doing that, also, when you buy a costume, does it become personal straight away or not? Thanks
  17. Maybe not buying CC as a full payment, but, it would be nice if you could have like 10-20 cc along with a purchase of mc coins, would encourage purchasing of more mc coins and more money for the game 8)
  18. Thanks for the info, why do they award so little is my question as well? it would be awesome if you could buy some CC every now and then
  19. Now, I ain't played this game for ages, so, I am not aware of alot of the changes in the game :facepalm: But, is there any chance you can buy crimson corondum like you can miracle coins or offer various quests for them? If you do this then fair enough, also, how do you obtain crimson corondum? Just an old vet that has lost his memory :tease:
  20. I don't think minions should be permanent, perhaps make stronger ones with more attacks and what not, but, not permanent ;D
  21. Ahh yes I see, I didn't see it on my game client through the phone. Thanks again DK666
  22. Are we able to buy mcoins through paypal as opposed to paying with a debit card? would be much easier, if not, can it be implemented? Thanks :dirol:
  23. Brilliant, thanks mate, why so expensive to unbind though? :bad:
  24. I have been playing this game for a good while, but, noticed that a staff that I used to use when I used it it became personalized, how do I remove it so I can finally sell it as it is doing my head in being stuck in my inventory :facepalm: It would be a bit stupid if you couldn't get rid of it. Sorry if this has already been asked. Thanks All
  25. Thanks mate, still, referring back to my other point about buying gold, it should be created I reckon :good:
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