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  1. Now, I wouldn't be able to give you a proper answer as there maybe a lot of players, but, each player has a profile can create 4 characters if they want to, so, I would say loads! :good:
  2. Well, it is hard to say how many people play, but, check this out. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=99933.0 :)
  3. Would be very boring, both sides doing 0 damage. May as well watch paint dry :facepalm:
  4. No to the idea of this 'invincibility', I play as a Necromancer and yes it can be challenging when against Barb, rogues etc, but, it depends on how tactical you are and the player with you is. I agree for arena supplier of Astral armor specifically for Priests, Necros etc that focuses mainly on improving healing, attack etc etc. But, not make us immune to damage :lol:
  5. @Tsja, it seems that you have this topic covered in all ways :clapping:
  6. I was wondering how that was possible in Nadir, *throws popcorn away after admitting watching*
  7. Yes, but, a lot of players would probably just ignore it encase it was a bad website or something or check it out, but, not register. It is always good to see new faces though :)
  8. Yes I agree, I think that sounds like a good idea, gold and guild points for the one who helps the lower leveled players, will give them a boost of confidence in the game and increase their chances of staying in the game. :dirol:
  9. I'm listening to Bring me the Horizon - Can you feel my heart ;D
  10. Just interested in seeing how many players (that answer this poll anyway) use or do not use mcoins in the game and how beneficial or not they are throughout the game :)
  11. Ouch, alot of skill points wasted there. I guess Book Of Oblivion will be on the list next? :good:
  12. Very true, this I have noticed as i have been playing this game throughout time :facepalm:
  13. I have found that Physical will always do more damage then what magic will, I do believe in trying to balance out the effects that the rings give off to make it a little more fairer for the players that have characters which use magic. 8)
  14. Noob question here probably, but, what is this lab quest people speak of? Also, need help with some quests, I give gold on US if you want it for you hungry players, haha :drinks: Look for Vervibi.
  15. I'm currently in this guild and yes it is run by Hassnx, it's fine. ;)
  16. Welcome Tubza, as said by the others, check out the forum, any questions, post them in the relevant area and you will get an answer, no such thing as a stupid question ;D
  17. Yes, a war camp doesn't sound bad at all, more quests for definite I reckon, not rewards for killing every single elf :dirol:
  18. Disagree massively, do it again, it was great fun :spiteful:
  19. I don't mind helping players and be-befriending them even if they do not amp, after all, no harm in helping a fellow faction member :)
  20. I missed the Halloween one :facepalm: so, I am glad i got the xmas one. Are you sure we can't keep the skills devs? :spiteful:
  21. Going to miss the holiday skills, they were good :cray:
  22. Yes, but, not every player has 'friends' who are able to help them all the way through. :nea:
  23. Thinking about it, perhaps getting rewards for killing the enemy faction should not be added as people will farm and it wouldn't be fair for everyone :fool: I still say more quests for killing the other faction and perhaps adding more CC as a reward on the quests, rather than 10 I think it was :spiteful:
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