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  1. I can honestly say, if things got back to normal a little, like with Astral and what not, I would invest money again into the game, but, for now the way it is with my Necro, No. :'(
  2. This I completely agree with, just bring Astral back and keep the magic stat thing as it is, it is just about money now, and I am considering quitting as I don't always want to pay money into the game :bomb:
  3. Going back to the way it was or at least re-thinking about how 'balanced' this game is now...how do you get up your heal now? things were easier before than now :aggressive:
  4. This is true, my healing has gone down again! stupid update and I am Necro. :facepalm:
  5. That's exactly what I have been doing :dirol: and the treasure one :)
  6. Many flaws with this update, I lost alot of heal (necro) and lost some HP due to changes :(
  7. I believe some of these 'updates' should be re-thought, keep some amulets and stuff for HP the same or have a choice as Kalid said :)
  8. Just realized, the update didn't work for HTC one mini, it is still 3.10.1 :facepalm:
  9. I don't see why Warlock has to be increased and the others reduced, I mean why?
  10. I have, it doesn't say to download the new version as it was already done it seems :nea:
  11. Some of these changes I don't think were good, it has ruined my Necro a little, so many bugs :facepalm:
  12. The friends list has gone weird, I lost some healing magic, why? :facepalm: what increases are for necro?
  13. I would say a big NO to that add on, as it would become very annoying for players, smh :facepalm:
  14. It can become quite annoying I would assume :facepalm:
  15. To be honest, as much as I agree, what is fair in games these days? ::)
  16. I have noticed when changing your profile password and linking to your e-mail address as a lot of players do, before you change it, I notice that there is already some sort of password in the box before you make your own, what is it? it is like a default one or not? Just curious ;D
  17. Ha, yes I remember when I watched a couple of people doing it and was wondering if it actually worked or not :unknw:
  18. @Tsja, come on now mate, there is no need to go hitting at other players cause they do things differently to you. It is a game after all.
  19. To try and understand what you mean, I will answer as best as I can, if you have items you want to sell, such as armor, weapons, items etc, you can either go into one of the shops, interact with the seller, click the right arrow at the top and select the item you wish to sell and sell it Another way is to put it in the market using the secondary seller at each settlement you do quests for and place a certain amount of gold(based on other sellers normally) against that item and wait for it to sell. If you drop anything, it will be gone permanently, what I have seen some players do if they have too much stuff is put an item in the market and put a stupid price against it so they don't have to sell it, but, it gives them a free space in the bag or upgrade the bag ;) Bosses (mainly) and sometimes from other monsters you will during quests will drop items (rare) though I believe. @Tsja, if that's what his question meant, then this info can still come in handy.
  20. I think it would be good if Astral armor was introduced, more money for devs also...hint hint :spiteful:
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