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  1. Ahh that is brilliant information. Thank you
  2. I have just reached lvl 18 and dont know which one to choose. Does someone mind explaining which one is good for what or better to use? Thanks
  3. Perhaps it was just a little lag on my side that caused the enemy to attack me. I dont know about word power as PvE..enemies dont use their blue bar during attacks do they? Which is what word power does doesn't if..if I remember correctly.
  4. Thank you for being of no help there Nab, I ain't suggesting that all the skills be damaging, just, upgrading them to be better ones and more useful.
  5. I ain't been on here for some time, but, I was wondering if it is time for the priest to get an update as one or two of its attacks are pretty useless in my opinion: Suggestion: - Take away the 'Word Power' and replace it with another move that is more effective against players and other bosses such as a weaker version of the 'Gift Bouquet' or something that temporarily increases damage and speed of magic attack against other players - Improve on the 'Armistice' as sometimes when it is used, the enemy can still attack you and then it seems pointless if you ask me. As for the 'Expert Skills', I am not sure about them as I don't know which one to choose. What you guys think?
  6. I ain't been on here for quite some time, but, I have a suggestion. Basically, when it comes to choosing new armor from the Dealer or through quests, wouldn't it be nice to be able to pull up a comparison screen which shows the attributes of your current item against the one you are looking at now? Would make it quicker in making choices. Just an idea. Dark
  7. Nice mate, that's how it is done :)
  8. Healers do not need to be capped, we are fine as we are ;)
  9. The moon? what about the sun also & the stars? anyway, I think it will just stay as it is.
  10. A very good idea, that makes sense, can't see it being implemented...but I agree nonetheless :)
  11. I would volunteer to help if they did allow such a thing, as it is so annoying when you see "trade my BD lvl 18 for Shaman lvl 18" or something along those lines, 9/10 they are just nonsense.
  12. There have been previous posts about the deathly eye being useless (which I have posted also), I believe that it should be removed and have something else in place for it, it is only useful I find for bosses and such, too difficult to use in PVP :facepalm:
  13. Shouldn't it be taken off the game then? seems a little pointless having online chat, as we use the support system
  14. Indeed I do Born, and I completely agree with the idea, just tend to look on the realistic side at the moment with the Devs anyway. There should be more focus on the Players now I believe.
  15. I would say slightly irrelevant, anyway, the odds of it happening are quite slim?
  16. I know this has probably been suggested before, but, I was thinking...shouldn't the Necros skills be a little stronger than other magic classes as he is sacrificing his own hp for shield, restore health etc? If not, he should be made that little stronger or take away the sacrificing of his own hp...Just a thought as it would make Necro more of a choice Also, no, I am not complaining about the skills, merely a suggestion.
  17. As my optimism kicks in, I would like to say that there is always a chance, no matter how small :)
  18. Yes, that is a good suggestion to be fair. Would be of great benefit for all players :)
  19. A fair idea, chances of it happening are next to nothing. Devs would lose out on money from people buying more signs to amp their weapons/armors in the first place. So, as much as I may agree to an extent, it won't happen.
  20. You realise this is not being supported yes? Now, can this topic be closed as it isn't serving any purpose? Snorlax or Roland.
  21. Listening to Drowning Pool - let the bodies hit the floor (old song, but amazing) 8) *headbangs*
  22. Alone, players of the US are not noobs, we are sexy noobs in fact ;) As I said, at the end of the day...it is just the way it is, nothing will be changed, so, why keep moaning about it?
  23. I can't see it being added as it is only a personal preference thing and wouldn't make any difference to the game in the slightest. They will probably have you pay to swap hands :spiteful:
  24. There have been numerous suggestions similar to this one, It hasn't happened so far, so, it doesn't look promising. But, it would be nice if it did happen..all you elfs can disappear somewhere while I farm in peace :)
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