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  1. First of all developers did fatal mistake to make necros as support  :facepalm:


    Necromancers are famous in every RPGs for summoning undead minions to aid them in battle. They also uses a lot of curses to weaken their enemies.


    Necro should take spot of Warlock and there should different healer on necro spot like undead monk or whatever  :facepalm:


    What the duck is necromancer without necromancy?!


  2. 1 thing u guys should learn when 1 class are so OP , keep loyal with ur own class  ;)  believe me dev will not allowing 1 class rule and ruined ws for long time, just like barb and warlock in past, they are nerf when they are become very mainstream  ;) .

    waiting 2 years to see how mage is OP  :rofl:


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