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  1. Jak narzekasz na mało klas to proponuje pograć w LoLa albo SMITE
  2. all other ranged classes also kill melees easy. That's not a plus
  3. whenever i try to log in to this game its under maintenance or client need update
  4. InfernoPL

    im out *z*

    at least one smart who left game after 3 days
  5. InfernoPL


    To były złote czasy WS. Nigdy tak już nie będzie
  6. ja zbierałem młoty u mc mam jeszcze łuki i kusze jakieś
  7. Chosens have 10% more MP Mountain Clan have 4% more HP Elves have 4% more damage Forsaken needs 4% more defense..
  8. z Danone 'a apropo Bydgoszczy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfdD8QFrl-4
  9. First of all developers did fatal mistake to make necros as support Necromancers are famous in every RPGs for summoning undead minions to aid them in battle. They also uses a lot of curses to weaken their enemies. Necro should take spot of Warlock and there should different healer on necro spot like undead monk or whatever What the duck is necromancer without necromancy?!
  10. Mage needs a fire rain skill damage with range 7x7 around him
  11. waiting 2 years to see how mage is OP
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