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  1. Yeah today havent get in there? but still its annoying :crazy:
  2. okaaaayyy, my first time in zenet haf arena map here are me (Juoponkalu) and here in my team is too Titanjagu enemy is Looptroop and Lordjuoppo-->(my brother) 8) :facepalm: Here are 4 different separated island and maybe should be teleport table but no? u are just on different platforms.. we waited to arena will be tie. :rofl: BUG OR TROLL :crazy:
  3. hows the hitting on first video cause they hit 20-40 so its not much nowadays ehh? :crazy:
  4. i must ask if you got all your charters at same profile so if you will sell 'em do u have to sell all or can u ''transfer'' like one to other profile? :crazy: My 50th post :yahoo:
  5. Never got nothing valuable from swamps.... :cray: :'(
  6. YAYAYAYAYAYAA got in the game u must delete the last ws file for get it work atleast in N5230 :lol: Laugh to my phone 8) :facepalm:
  7. the normal Rune Of Defence is that way better because costs gives +30def than incomplete and costs less than sign :lol: but thats just my opinion about it and got both incompletes and normal runes on my armours atm :crazy:
  8. that would be awesome i would prefer for 19lvl arena gears becouse then 15lvls would be hard to beat lvl 18 arena beasts :lol: :crazy:
  9. Why block and not def rune? i prefer always def runes cause often the item haves the block etc... presents :lol:
  10. hhaaahaaa neeed first cath up the lvl 20 :crazy:
  11. Now cc items more expensive?! :diablo:
  12. I got same phone and ive loaded now 5 times the SISX file from WS download side and it says at update error? :cray: my life is oooovvveeeerrr no ws :crazy:
  13. This looks relly good on ranger with wings of demoness and 13lvl armor :dirol:
  14. juoppoja

    Mage combo

    +1 :diablo: :crazy:
  15. Hahahahaaaaa 8) EMERALDDDDDDD :crazy:
  16. i use almost alwais incomplete rune of def? I think at block isnt so useful in shield? The 15lvl ring what has the block in it i think its good? ;)
  17. death breaks your armor, but dying in arena dont reduce it, and dying to elf players wont bread but dying to monsters breaks it. :)
  18. i think at pala is better than barb cause almost same weps but with heal %)i
  19. i havent got the 3.2version yet becouse i play with symbian phone and dont know has it happened after update hope at its fixed becouse its rly annoying.. No chance to win if u done even see ur opponent :D :facepalm:
  20. hahaaa i got 13lvl paladin and its basically for arena and bought just heavy morgenster and i hit little over 200 but its mostly 4/5 winning :diablo: :crazy:
  21. I want troll mask but never any1 is selling it and ill offer 10k+ :crazy:
  22. Now few time when being in arena something really trolly happens when youre in the arena map where r 2 bridges and you see your enemy at arena there someone hits you from otherside of arena im not talking just about rangers becouse bd have ducked me up too and its really annoying cause you r running and try to see who r killing u!!! :facepalm: :diablo: :crazy:
  23. Hahahahahahahhahahaa :tease: No mcs!!! :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! :cray:
  24. Shit thing is at events at the place is full of ppl and when u start to get going good then it goes off :cray: :crazy:
  25. I had 1h arena sword (acute blade) its +6 and with crystal to sword (not a dull crystal) :crazy: And had +5 13lvl shield and its rly fast stunning and decent hitting but now when got spear both are good but not at tanking so far cause got def only 2k.. :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
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