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  1. Thanks of putting these pics here i loved the killing :give_rose:
  2. kopri has sword but he is lvl 16 on eu :facepalm:
  3. juoppoja


    Hahah +1 ;D I killa all elfs when i play by mc or i kill all mc when i play elf! 8) Thats how it rolls :drinks: :pleasantry: lets not be friends? :pleasantry:
  4. juoppoja


    Biggest troll ever :lol:
  5. Knox u and some mage came to kill me while i were killing hungry imps :D No change at all to pwn u ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  6. is the arena costume for only the time you are the number 1 at 2x2 or whatever your going? :crazy:
  7. I think at all ppl will go now to arena shop and lok what theyre offering! ;D Good action aigrind but TOO MANY UPDATES IN SLOW TIME PERIOD IMO! :cray:
  8. hhaha this is funny thought ;)
  9. Wow, ive been stuck at gariel made all the bosses at elfs side with akuro and my bro ;D Akuro is such a pro helper :yahoo: Always helps if u ask :spiteful:
  10. hhaa :D would be nice name ;)
  11. Wow, youve done some really good work here man! :drinks:
  12. H@SSN! ;D he uses so much mcs at he cant be bad :lol: :lol: :lol: :diablo: :crazy: But i think at some1 will take his place this year? :tease:
  13. Id like to join skinhead clan! ;D 14/88! :crazy:
  14. Eu/Legion sell/trade [witch's dress] Pm me offers in forums or in game. [sOLD]
  15. What if they would make the volcano map like that it would have instant damage from 10 to 20 and gets higher when the arena goes on. And go on so there would be less runners? Ofc a healer could escape but at least less of runners? Any comments?? :blush:
  16. YAAAAAA!! Im lovin it!!! ;D now need to buy a lot of ducking arena tickets ;D
  17. juoppoja


    Can someone tell me whats the name of the "hydra" because in EU it has no name. And i dont speak russian
  18. Hahaha ;D it would be funny to experience :clapping:
  19. The problem is at no1 sells him drugs, alchol etc. ;D he lloks too young and sounds :crazy: :yahoo:
  20. Ill vote for sword + shield i got still crappy arena shield but my [+6acute blade] is pure ownage few days later i was bored with my dk and went to elfs side then i got to maraksha and planned to troll hunters, no one were there :fool: :cray: then i went to succubus and fireater there were one 15lvl and two 13lvls :yahoo: took them down like this :lol:
  21. fagfagfag :sorry: haha u kiked that rogues ass right? erhm.. :crazy: 8)
  22. 'OOoo its that! Thx! :yahoo:
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