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    Tässä suuri profeettamme :tease: Ja ite meen alotttaan cl varmaan palalla tänään kaamoksen kaa 8)
  2. Omg your so ugly :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Haha you got em bro :blush: Nice to see schoolboy to lose :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  4. Kracken he made some low lvl paladin and getting ppl to party for free miracles, then asking to change ID for hes own made ''no need to change password'' just change your account id for (example) [email protected] so i made new account named the char (dont remember but was something like: scammernoob) after a while i was back on my account and Kracken pm me ''Nice name'' and paladin charter was deleted cuz didnt find the name anymore. So beware with that guy....
  5. there it is i think if its not your made account u have no right to use it even if its ur moms old account?
  6. juoppoja

    Rogue stats xD

    Hahaa, my friend :blush: just polar bear drink. 8) Not my account its my friend :diablo:
  7. just showing off ur signs ;D give my reward from helping u report that scammer :P
  8. bro u have tried scamming i remember i made char named scammernoob or something like that have ss still 8) Ur acc still not bann? :bad: Well good luck :give_rose: (Scammer)
  9. ei toi puhelimen mikrosiru oo varmaan jonkun vitun taskulampun tai laskimen ;D ja tee us sapphireen joku shaman?
  10. juoppoja


  11. you removed those too? :lol: :lol: Bro change ur style :blush: Maybe dragon charmer or shit like that :good:
  12. Lol you should change the first semtences where u got these items cuz its against rules? Correct me if im wrong. 8)
  13. LEGIONARY [GUILD] -This guild is for mc side players. -Leaders: Juoppodeth (Juoppo), Crossnight (Upseeri). -Members: Cyclopsz If you want to join pm us herre or in game. We will update this in future with new ideas Were planning to do some elf killing, Chainless or maybe even swamp camping. -You need to know how to speak English or Finnish.
  14. juoppoja


    euca oletko tässä?
  15. omg dont wanna meet u when im on mc side :crazy:
  16. i think ur name stealer is demontear?
  17. juoppoja


    no sul on joku 2 char
  18. juoppoja


    mulla ois dinalt maraksha ja dinalta ja genie jnejne
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