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  1. Who dare challenge my Cats Army? :diablo:
  2. So all Legends scammers now?
  3. True, seens just astral affect it...
  4. Just tested and yes, it hv longer duration with + astral and with + def.
  5. They trying fix normal sv economy and forget oldschool ones... :cray:
  6. Hahaha loved say it, btw old rs server full of bots :(
  7. Hello our heros, can change my forum name to LordD? Thnx ^^
  8. If its not about miracle coins spend, lets put all necros +0 then we can see best :facepalm:
  9. Same me :sorry: 2 days already lost without can play..
  10. Hello, dear Sorlax, but i did not use any type of special symbol or yellow text and still got muted, i dont want luck just want help with it plz ^^
  11. I was blocked from chat for 7 days without reason, I didnt talk with any bug in any chat, I dont even know how do it... I just want free of this block...
  12. Maybe like spam mute system, if u write yellow text u will be muted U can check it in My Profile option before login.
  13. U still can collect, but after 30 days if will be deleted
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