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  1. Wheeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  2. Hi guys when Update.... so we wait tooooo many time for new land :cray: , we need know what "strong boss" need kill for new items for craft, only dugeons boss or astral boss too, or booth Please tell us more about new update :drinks: and you get a velvet beer gift from me :good:
  3. Hi developers why when i can use new expert skill on other char of same acount show message :crazy: "Couldn't add expert skill 'Elusive Jump' " , i use new skill in warlock and no problem :yahoo: ; same case in necro :facepalm: :sorry: Please fix that .. i need new skill on rouge :drinks:
  4. Hi friends, i get some time for read all post, but only reads many bad things about of tournament, of sithlords leader and sithlords members, so i want say what im so sad about this because if someone get mistake that shold be burried in past, i not understand why people hate a person what dont know, that is really sad, this is ONLY A GAME, if the players want do controversy for a fact what happen time a go, that no good. All can post for atack a person, post is good for that, but if talk with out basics, better no post ;) Anyway i'm really mad about halloween when MANY MC can't get rewards because vortex do evade sam, i die like 7 times when i tank, and no members of sithlords in pt, for some members do evade, that should be a good post, MANY MC can't get good reward because a crying members comport like babies, on elf side many have great weapons lvl 18, really sad what some people cause to many harm. I wait what this over, i repeat THIS IS ONLY A GAME, play good :dirol: BE happy :drinks: , no become HATER :bad: Sorry about my english.
  5. US Saphire already downnnnnnn :aggressive:
  6. :drinks: hiiiii good news .. but can get more info about of new updates... please All players want to know something official of date release for update..... :good: Maybe can create a post with info about weapons, lvls, armor, because all can get exp for that, only a review... no moreeeeeee please
  7. Hola amigos Muchas veces buscamos socios para quest, farm o cualquier otra actividad, esta es la oportunidad de unirnos y crear una comunidad sólida en nuestro propio idioma :drinks: quien se apunta ?????? mi char es Cristianoi
  8. Hi friend I want know if u can do high resolution in pc, in the samsun galaxy tab II, the resolution is bigger than pc, if u can make at same resolution will be goog :yahoo: TY for tha attention
  9. Hi, I was update my game to 3.0 version, and my profile user load a caching message and reload the game but all old profile don't load :shok: I need a posible solution .... someone can help me????..
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