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  1. die alone,bored,hard frienship,suck... idc all,just listen to music

  2. i find out this when i hunting achivment..... i on the other side map,on mcs side,just standing.... and i see on elf side when oracle up,they busy killing all red fox,and i do nothing,how come i get underground chest? i must be happy of course,and btw inside is copper anyway still,just asking,is this a bug? if its,pliss fix. soory with my bad engglish,hope dev will check this out
  3. at last,i gonna love this solo dungeon,couse is hard waiting someone invt you,when your atk only 300 or bellow+no time limit,ty dev. u are the best
  4. hello,soory... maybe this bad idea but still i want give my sugestion. lets get start,how about make new class,but only can be make by certain condition... maybe certain level or complite some quest with main class,i belive any player who not newbe must have 2 class character or more. then what kind of class,i not thing that far.... lol
  5. is there a chance for new facation? class? i hope more update and improvement not give lgg+still can use all type of phone and keep small data
  6. hi... er... em... if that still have a chance to change name at forum. if do... i wanted change my name to williztanz ty
  7. c'mon gyus... i know what you all feel. i sometime belive this game for money only. but i just hope maybe her staff who understand the creator will answer it. hope mr pokemon... i mean mr.snorlax or any other gm will answer it :P lets wait and see. hope they can tell the true. lol
  8. lol,that why i hope the creator or her staff can answer it. couse i hear this game for money too. but to make rpg game not that simple... is must have the reasson and the main idea. lets hope they will replay soon.
  9. hi all. what i wanted to know is....... what the main idea to make this game? what purpose to make this game? money? how many staff right now algrid have to improve this game? if that the creator of this game join to play to? is this game relly made for touch screen? that why qurity keybord have a littel problem a bout font? then the last question is.... why i feel no matter what kind update the size about the game not change. if that true to make the game still at the some size creator make change from element skill to magical power? hope there answer for my question. ty all,and soory for bad engglish. :)
  10. what the function of ranger trap? now rogue can jump.
  11. if someone like him at the game. better not have any newbe. wkwkwkwkwk he suck. noober guy.
  12. tell me gm,if someone not let questor do quest is something good for this game? if not pliss baned this bd. WTH with this guy.
  13. agree :) or change it become stun area :P is more cool,paladin can stun enamy.. :D ah,well nvm. i know this no way. wkwkwwk
  14. ah,ty bro... i not know there another paladin repot already :) i just try this skill... lol i not understand gm mind.... make ilumi? when frist i saw... i though,now time for paladin become real tank... but i wrong,is just another spam skill with taunt status and low dmg area...
  15. gm,if i right... ilumination skill must taunt any moster at area right? why i feel ilumi only give noob area dmg? not taunt? pliss explain... ty
  16. is still full of bug. this app is bad for capllock phone. only good for touch screen + is gm to blind to fix all. thy dont care about old problem. thy just update and update and update without solution to fix this game. this game not fun anymore. no money no more warspear. wkwkwkwkwk think again if you want vote. i will not vote. i dont care if gm baned me. couse you just give no solution.
  17. mr r0land. i dwonlod already. but still... is 3.10 i not understand why,my windows pc is windows 7. help plisss....
  18. i dwonlod twice but still 3.10,where i can dwonlod for 3.11?
  19. i like,the mob not moving. dont fix it gm :P pliss dont fix
  20. ty snorlax. is just explain everything. hope they belive :)
  21. wah... sleep pokemon :P https://www.facebook.com/groups/372632766131652?view=permalink&id=624454910949435&refid=48 hi,mind to explain for us? this issue is anyoing and have alot comment....
  22. mr roland. pliss explain this issue. if i the one who said keyloger cant being put at trade,maybe they not belive.... that why,i need gm to explain. ty
  23. this i know from my group warspear indonesia at fcebook i belive there no way hacker can put keyloger at trade. but my friend not belive,so i think... if gm explain it... they can belive. is said now hacker have new strategic to hack warspear. is keyloger,they put at trade... when the hacker trade with us. our acc get hack. is said if other game online hacker can put the keyloger. why ws they cant?
  24. GM,PLISS NO DILATE!!!! PLISSS EXPLAIN!!! is that true hacker can put keyloger when trade with other player? so,when we trade with the hacker,our acc get hack. EXPLAIN AND NO DILATE!!!! zzzz this issue is stupid.... couse is only come from player at my country. that why i need gm answer,ty
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