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  1. i bet it was a bot :bad: ive seen it happen in many other games like battlefield play 4free they would join a match and just repeat same message at a set time interval
  2. sometimes i have to log in 3 times to play but ist gotten better and happens a lot less
  3. It works just fine on my E5 Try the sissx file and the zip file those r the one that work for me good luck hope it works :blush:
  4. I want tattoos :blush: plenty of games have and it and those nake players have something to wear too :wacko:
  5. One day :dirol: was walking thru the park. suddenly he didnt feel well so he :bad: in trash can and saw :bomb: . within seconds he was out cold :facepalm: . after what seemed like enternal darkness :dirol: awakened. as he :search: he noticed he was in a cell. :sorry: being un able to remember he called out the first name he remebered O:-) . her face was blurry and the memories were unstable as if some one had dug around in his head. after several hours of trying to remeber :diablo: came to the cell door and said"son rise and come with me" and :dirol: was like :shok: "who da fu..." instantly he was uot agian unaware he was headed to his doom If u like so far ill make the next chapter
  6. Yea it helps close range types like dk and barb that way were not completely useless
  7. why dont yall send them the game when u finish before the actual update but tell them that it is not to be realeased to so and so day :facepalm:
  8. i would like to suggest hunting the bears at grey slope :drinks:
  9. lol heres something to keep u going"when ever u feel down remember u were the sperm that won"-somewhere in ifunny
  10. same here( i mean the typing issues)i have a symbian i cant type numbers unless i switch to matrix which takes forever and its imbarrassing when i go into a trade then have to jump off that trade go to seting to switch to matrix style so can put in number, then go back to trade put in number, then switch back to keyboard stlye to say thx or whatever needs to be said :mega_shok:
  11. how about u all stop whining while yall have computers and and touch screen phones that allwo faster movement, and i have a symbian that take much longer to move(i have to use arrow keys to move my cursor so yea its slower) :diablo: :diablo: and if u dont like the way it looks one way then flip ur phone and theres ur other opition( agian i can not do this) point proven :diablo: :diablo:
  12. they should bc doom weapons sell for so much and when we get one for the other faction its instantly worthless :fool: thats rlly not cool to think ur set for awhile then to realize u have nothing more than garbage :cray:
  13. rouge bc lets face it, a rouge could walk thru elf towns all day :rofl:
  14. yep then a dual weilding +10 doom blade rouge comes along :P
  15. i want my hair to move, sick of hair thats stiff as a board 8)
  16. yes ten necros farming bosses doubles over :P perfect we will easily win wars np
  17. hell no just imagine if elves had a warlock too..... doesnt rlly work out does it :unknw:
  18. yes i agree. who on mc besides me has gotten only one doom weapon and got excited until u noticed it was a bow :mega_shok:
  19. thats hunting :P not farming :D
  20. just imagine a dual weilding mage :wacko: that would be hard as **** to kill :mega_shok:
  21. i now think that 2-h items should get increased enchants due to slower attack speed, btw shield users sacrafice that xtra attack for the xtra def and block so yes it would be fair
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