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  1. The only option to block/return account is to send ticket to the support.

    The response time of technical specialist can take up to 5 working days. In case of the account recovery question response time can be increased.


    read here. u cant really sue, there are other tickets and urs is gonna be in a line like the rest then, a lawsuit wont make it any faster :bad:



    Just to prove a point to everyone on this topic at lv17 Nastyburp pvped me lost Badly ( 1k to spare) Godsmage his most used char now lost to my shaman epically and i lagged bad



    Also my shaman is 50x weaker then my rouge so means my rouge rapes him bad



    OH WAIT THENNNN His sham and Noob ass Barb also lose to my chars...



    Little Kiddo Rage Rage Rage Phew You need a muzzle Grow up and stop trying to get in pvp cave i have 88 ss of me kicking ur ass


    touchy huh :pardon:
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