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  1. i lloved it and wished it wasnt an elf(didnt want to play elves back then) i only had one slot for testing characters at the time
  2. wow u guys r insane, then again some of my best friends r crazy >.>
  3. no heal skill for ranger it hits to hard to be a healer :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  4. EpicNinja098


    read here. u cant really sue, there are other tickets and urs is gonna be in a line like the rest then, a lawsuit wont make it any faster :bad:
  5. idk tibia me doesnt run on my phone :cray:
  6. i was just doing a test run for every character one day so not bc it was weak but i needed room for the next class to test
  7. just reviving super old post again for no particular reason ;)
  8. only one has voted no so why hasnt it been added to game :search:
  9. Barbs has a compatible cloak for his class, Barbs has a full stun skill. you have mage?? I don't see mage class in your signature?? ;D plz notice it says i used to have a mage, as in past tense, no longer existing
  10. i luv how u say mage is weakest class look at the barbs :sorry: i used to have a mage they arent weak i just might make another one
  11. i might be unfair to u but a challenge to me :pardon: also aa best place to farm
  12. EpicNinja098


    where nera go :search:
  13. was gonna vote yes but poll closed :cray:
  14. i like it i would love to have a white wolf following me around assisting in combat (i will name him Blitz) and i wanna get him a red bandanna for a collar. jeez i wanna go play fable 3 now
  15. i think its a waste bc now i gotta stay on for the whole time to get the full benefit of my potions even tho i don't have as much time as i used to so im just rlly wasting my time
  16. its true id dc after id killed the 3 trolls and then id login in and one of them is whacking away at me like i had been there the whole time didn't just enter the game
  17. roland saves the day one again :rofl:
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