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  1. any1 know a very interesting game?


    black ops 2, battlefield 3, skyrim, far cry 3, mortal kombat, guilty gear, legend of zelda, illusion of gaia, secret of mana.......icould keep going if u like ^---^ i play a ton of games so if these arent to ur liking ill try agian with a fresh batch
  2. So it's settled. Next time I meet her I'll give her the D. I recently read when girl says no, she means yes. That's crazy, isn't it?


    :rofl:  maybe u should try talking to her first, just incase she really means no ;)
  3. i don't know this bug or not. My

    application warspear 3.8 on symbian always

    closed if i'm try to teleporting at norlant map, And if try to logged again with same character so my warspear will closing again and again. not only that, my

    warspear 3.8 on symbian still closing too if i crossing to map area and there many other players, Therefore I come to the conclusion, if warspear 3.8 so much eating RAM.  I hope devs can help this problem. Regard


    Try turning off ur power saving. My symbian used to have major lag when it was on power saver so maybe ur having a similar problem. Also if this doesn't work u may want to reinstall the game. To do this u should delete the game, then delete its installation file(found in ur file manager), and then clear ur cache and cookies on ur browser. After all that download the zip file from the warspear website. If this fail please seek further advice.
  4. Alright so, mostly everyone was happy that minions dont die as soon as you die. We liked the fact that if you died they met you at the recall statue. But noo, someone flipped the script.  After a server maintanance, the minions die when you die..


    It's ridiculously stupid, i use cold hard  arena points for my minions lmao.


    People will say "don't die then" but in reality, death at norlant swamps is almost guaranteed.


    what do u mean they die  :shok:  i havent died with my minion lately but is this is true it must be fixed asap i enjoy using my minion to the very last second
  5. It's good insanity though, we don't go around the streets and stab random passerbys, incinerate forests and trash cans, or stalk teenage girls on their way home.


    i do randomly stab ppl ;)  not with a knife but with my nokia  :rofl:

    soooo....how did the stalking work out :rofl:

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