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  1. Already happend, prices went rock-high after swamp release, then hydra had it`s final update so no one could get the wild boy-wild girl costumes. It`s extremely rare and overpriced now.


    Then everything went rock-bottom when we got the surprise chests, prices went from 4k to 1-2k(or lower) on crystals/runes

    Costumes would normally cost around 15-30k and were being sold for 2-6k, now that`s pretty rock-bottom eh?


    i agree sure the first set was a nice little bonus for me but with each set i notcied items becoming more and more worthless
  2. it could potentially rise prices within our economy because those players that already by miracle coins would also buy gold and with more gold in supply more ppl wont find it so hard to get so theyll rise their prices. Its the most basic principle in an economy supply and demand. the higher the demand with a lesser supply of goods equals steepened prices where as if their was a high supply with a low demand prices could potentially hit rock bottom

  3. True, it`s a great serie can`t deny it.

    Altough I really love Terranigma (last game they made) wich I play continuesly ^-^

    I doubt Russel has a Snes tho, so he`ll need to find a emu for those older games


    if ur on pc then u should go to coolrom.com i go their when i catch some nostalgia and need some older games to play
  4. I don't get the whole xXx nickname addons. Why do people do that.

    Only nickname with them I liked is "xXxHelpImSurroundedByXsesxXx"


    the X in my name is just there as a filler. on black ops 2 my clan tag is XCON, and all my characters u xcon as the base for the name

    edit: it can be a little frustrating when ppl call me con

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