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  1. back in the day MERCENARY was the guild to be in but for me right now its Brethren
  2. same ;) cant wait for the new halloween gears
  3. i wanna try suggesting some ideas i had i u dont mind
  4. u have ny support with firedogers edits :P
  5. yes but i been sneezing a lot :cray: and my eyes keep tearing up so idk if u want this one
  6. u give them gold and they login on ur account and buy miracle coins for u.....i think :blush:
  7. i enjoy collecting the different spells :blush: and yes u miss out on alot if u dont pay :cray:
  8. im srry but there isnt much point to this u do not have my support this time
  9. need for speed world ninjakiwi runescape battlefield play4free armorgames world of tanks wizard101 google these i like and play these when i get a chance
  10. post a link so i can see the topic ur so heated about -.-
  11. u have my support on all suggestions thus far :yahoo:
  12. :rofl: officer azebu at ur service :rofl:
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