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  1. when i read i couldnt help but to slap my momma jkcant wait :blush: i hope it turns out better than some clan based games ;D
  2. :mega_shok: cant believe its that simple thx you guys :drinks:
  3. EpicNinja098

    android bug?

    hmmm i have andriod and i dont have that problem its an optimus or sumthing
  4. it currently does not support the kindle series(i started the same topic) :blush:
  5. maybe when in clan u get to carry flag with your faction symbol and the flag gets a nice spot on your shoulder like that one guy on soul caliber.
  6. I like the six paths of pain :blush: also like the sasuke vs danzo go to sleep amv
  7. oh each major clan gets a mansion(top three clans)
  8. yes i want a grim reaper costume and sythe to match for my barb
  9. hold up :diablo: barb is not the worst class :aggressive: i do very well as barb and it s my main character
  10. last minute thought adding poll
  11. neither i choose barb :blush:
  12. nvm mind its not working right
  13. i thought it would be cool to own a house in warspear since maybe not all players wish to spend gold on weapon amps there should be a portal to access your house or your freinds house you should be able to make your house public access, limited access, or personal only( visitors cannot disturb items when they visit) to actually be allowed to buy or visit houses you would have to download another file so the actual game doesnt get to big for phones the portal should be in the game regardless if they have other file or not you should be able to mount weapons on shelves or bookcases (idea from skyrim) you should be able to buy a variety of items(from the house of course so that stores in main game do not be come over crowded) if you do create this and clans r around as well so you can buy a clan mansion(possible another file depending to file size) feel free to add new ideas 2 week poll votes show after voting yourself
  14. and u can make a boss in the back room that is access able only thru a cave around back and IF you can kill him u will get super rare items(itll take like 4pts(lvl 20 with at least all +5 items) to defeat :aggressive: )oh and his name is scrooge :blush:
  15. EpicNinja098


    lol im trying to work with wikipedia to work on the warspear page but i am currently have issues will let u know when my appeal for access is either accepted or denied
  16. lol right click and hit veiw source and read the script towards the end its very revealling
  17. i am not getting all of my arena points ill do a match and earn 33 points but not get them plz help me never mind i was looking at rank not currency :blush:
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