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  1. maybe use in arena :rofl:
  2. i personally dont use miracle coins but that price rise and drop seems like itd be very annoying :/ maybe gm getting a little money hungery or maybe, there could have been a glitch where a peice of the script was edited or removed......
  3. EpicNinja098


    Well i did a lot with wiki but they dropped me bc i was doing it at school
  5. I gonna win ;) This contest is right up my alley :P
  6. My phone is currently cut off so I can only play with a wifi source at the moment I hope this explains my absence so ill pop up so often but until my phone is repaid then I will not be able to assist as often as I used to. :'(
  7. I want to try i have andriod based phone but i have limited :'(
  8. Lol haven't been on this topic in awhile let me see wgat i can come up with... I've been playin this shit for a year my barb still has bad gear but i can still kick ur ass all these old timers think their bad ass but they got issues won't even give a wounded noob a tissue That's ojay cause I'm in the zone when u need me ill break that elves bones
  9. Yah what is it with all these br char i don't understand......
  10. heres who i want in a clan with me (no i haven't told them :pardon: ) US- server Mc side Xonbeast-barb(aka me) Gent-rouge Mcssaver-shaman Balthoron-necro Quece-DK Antixhero-barb Crapdooku-Barb Gomugomuno-rogue and the clan name is up for debate among the non-aware members :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  11. Yes have nive vac. but when u get back u owe me 5 million mc :rofl:
  12. i cant pull it up(bc im at school) try to download it then email it to meill give email when u get video
  13. :bad: im sending you all to therapy (and your paying)
  14. i think the egg :aggressive: think about it the chicken used to be a reptile :crazy: and the reptile egg made a retard baby now called a chicken :lol: or it came from that chernoble bird :rofl:
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