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  1. I agree 100% to suggestion!!
  2. :( i dont know what we got after win tour?? i think this game best for PVP or WAR bcuz this game name is Warspear.... but devs never make this like real war or create pvp place for we can enjoy in pvp no gank, no disturb, and no crazy plyr like pvpshaman...... and why we amplifying we items if never pvp or war, just stay at town???oh devs this is WARSPEAR NOT TOURSPEAR OR CHATSPEAR!!!!!!
  3. mordekhai


    take 1 5 1 4 4 heal is good because never miss like damage
  4. mordekhai

    Your ranger stats!

    One of Top Ten Ranger in Sapphire....
  5. Oh Good news Devs... Can i know max lvl on crafting item? lvl 20 or keep lvl 19 like endless weapons.... ty Ohhhhaaaaiiioooo
  6. Good and please create pvp place :) many ganker now make secret cave be a place for prostitusion(raping ganking) .... ohhhaaaiiiioooo
  7. Ehhmm - Afro - Mrfunky - Delicious - Diaboloko - Aloneking - Babyzhue - Mymelody - Sixshadow - Blodyy - Naranja - Arvernus - Acidtrip - Sico - Levine - Hitkaze - Aditjiu - Iluvweed - Whirlwindz - Tutleduck - Volex :D and many more....
  8. Etregan want your rogue be OP if pvp with melee class?? JUST FOR PVP HOLIC AND EXTREME MAN WITH CRAZY THINK BUILDS 5 KICK IN THE BACK AND 5 DODGE 5 MERCELESS STRIKE Note: Just for PvP Holic and Extreme guy.... you will see how many your enemy be mad when pvp with you! :D Ty....ohhhhaaaiiiii
  9. Richy, pvprange have a rival........... but can you links you attk stat and def stat.... Ty...ohhhaaaiii
  10. ehh build type pvp high attk speed and more accuracy : 5merc 5kick 5dodge its for rogue with truly pvp type... But your skill build must stack with your stats.... i think better for rogue: - 5 merc - 3 exlusive jump - 5 stealth - 3 gouge/2kick+gouge Mix sets 1. Kw: Helm+Glove Lab: Boot+Armor for Penet+accuracy+dodge 2. Arena: Armor+Boot Kw: Glove+Helm for Resilience+accuracy+penet 3. Lab: Armor+Glove Kw: Helm+Boot for Dodge+Accuracy+attk spd 4. you opinion :D Items : Abyss Zealot Carved 2, Arena Belt, Abyss Zealot Cape and Attker amulet(lvl 18) Rogue its cool and awersome!! rogue can get 38% dodge(dodge set)+5kick= WoW miss all damage if pvp with bd with low accuracy or ranger with bow arena thats all just opinions from me,,,,, ty...ohhhaaaiiii
  11. many player have high amplify but not all can be pro in this game, just stay at town, just chatting, and never want help other player.... pro with your parents money, like a child :D
  12. Devs better give we are surprise chest again than discount mcoin bcuz not all player can buy mcoin.... and increase chance to get good reward at kotaravva or dungeon :D Ty....ohhhaaaiiiii
  13. - Necro - Shaman - Druid - Ranger - Warlock - Mage From up to down, its my opinion for pvp :D necro...
  14. mordekhai

    Rogue stats xD

    Parry is good for pvp vs bd :D you can miss skill hamstring and its give you chance to win and can miss hit from slam slug too Dodge good for fight with range type.. dodge skill + kick in back skill +high dodge stat = true rogue :D just a opinion.... :!
  15. Yea!! This is warspear!!! war war war :D I agree with this suggestion, are you agree too??? :D :D Warspear not Farmspear or Turspear!! 9999vs9999 in special map wow(sorry just a dream)
  16. Yea!! This is warspear!!! war war war :D I agree with this suggestion, are you agree too??? :D :D Warspear not Farmspear or Turspear!! 9999vs9999 in special map wow(sorry just a dream)
  17. Yeah im very agree!!! and maybe adds something like :- list damage of fighting/heal - list time for thats fighting - list of win/lose in pvp - and spectator mode..... Sorry if bad english and crazy ideas
  18. Agree!! That is good idea, help new player for compleate quest .........
  19. mordekhai


    1 eye like illuminati #maybe
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