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  1. Like I said, they are just concept ideas. Warspear is still very young in the gaming world. There's plenty of space for improvement or added content. These suggestions are for future ideas. Possibly up to a year or longer.
  2. I also agree with all the suggestions. Especially the ones of the minions needing to be able to attack anyone that attacks you. My priest got powned because my abyss zealot wouldnt attack any of the mobs that were attacking my priest except the ones my priest was currently busy attacking. So I died and lost minion... Felt like I giant Waste of mcoins... :'(
  3. Hi devs. I decided to make a few suggestions for possible future classes/factions. Let me know what you think please. Alliance: Dwarves Racial passive: Toughness. (increased endurance) Classes: Hunter: Bow/ crossbow/ rifle (future concept) Light armor. Dmg dealer. Skills: Mark of the hunter: increased dmg to target for duration but decreases crit %. Dmg inc + crit % decrease per lvl studied. Net Throw: stuns target enemy for duration. Duration inc per lvl studied. Charm: Turns mob unit into ally temporarily. Duration inc with lvl studied. Haste if the wild: inc att speed of hunter but decreases accuracy. Att speed increase + accuracy decrease increases with lvl studied Fatal shot: powerful shot. Dmg increase with lvl. Warrior: 1/2 hand axe or mace. shield. heavy/light armor. skills: Taunt: Taunts target for duration. duration increase with lvl studied. Dwarven strength: Increases dmg per blow hit. decreases att speed. dmg increase + att speed decrease increases with lvl studied. Hardened skin: increases armor rating per lvl studied. stunning smash: stun enemy for duration. duration increases with lvl studied. Massive Blow: powerful hit. Dmg dealt increases with lvl studied. Wizard: fire/ice/astral magic, staff, cloth armor. skills: Healing Salve: Heal ally over time. % of astral magic used. duration increases with lvl studied. Imprisonment: target trapped in frost until attacked. duration increases with lvl. Blizzard: AOE skill. waves of ice rains on target area. % of frost magic used) amount of waves inc with lvl. starting with 1 or 2 waves. Frost armor: Reduces % damage taken by targeted unit (ally or self). Reduction increases with lvl studied. Draining Flow: drains target mana. mana drained increases with lvl. Legion: Drow: racial passive: Energy surge. increased energy regen. Assassin: Dual dagger/bow/crossbow. Light armor. Skills: assassination: strong blow. dmg increases with lvl studied. Cruel blow: stun enemy for duration. duration increases with lvl studied. Drow cunning: Increases critical hit % for duration. % inreases with lvl studied. Feign Death: pretends to be dead for duration. all enemies stop attacking assassin. duration increases with lvl studied. Gaping Wound: Causes target to bleed for duration. bleeding + duration increases with lvl studied. Fighter: dual wield dagger/swords. heavy/light armor. Skills: attraction: Taunt enemy. duration increases with lvl. Piercing slash: Strong blow. dmg dealt increases with lvl studied. Reduction: Reduces enemy armor rating for duration. duration increases with lvl studied. Blade Flurry: Increases att speed & critical % for duration but increases damage taken. increase of att speed/crit + increase of dmg taken (armor reduction) increases with lvl studied. Achilles heel: stunns enemy for duration. duration increases with lvl studied Blood Mage: dark/ fire/ astral magic staff. cloth armor. Skills: Thorn armor: Returns a % of damage taken by target(self/ally) to attacker for duration. % increases with lvl studied. Blood Pool: AOE skill. heal allies (based on astral) + damages enemies (based on dark/fire) within targeted area. instant effect. uses 5 mana per unit (friendly or enemy) within target area. mana cost + healing + dmg to enemy increases with lvl studied. Mana Tether: Blood mage drains a % of enemy mana and transfers it to blood mage. (instant effect). % increases with lvl studied. Clotting Blood: Blood mage clots the blood of targeted enemy. stunning it for a duration. duration increases with lvl studied. Conversion: Drains % of hp and converts into mana. 2hp drained = 1mp gained. starts at gain 30mp and increases with lvl studied All of this is just concept ideas. Please comment on my suggestions. To the devs: I have concept map ideas and beginning questline suggestions for these factions, if you are interested in them. Please do not hesitate to make suggestions or just to list your opinions. Thank you.
  4. Looks good. My only problem is the warlock skill. It already has 2 "stun" abilities. It would be a bit OP if he had another.
  5. I think scroll idea maby a bit over the top. (coin wise). Pots: Only rich/noobs will use/need them. Pro players wont. Minions are cool idea, but permanent would be better. Active skills: nice idea, dunno why you're all ♥♥♥♥♥ing. Will be a great advantage in Lab and norlant. Pvprange: Shutup. You have no friends. Stop saying dumb shit. Not all of us live with our parents in the basement and play all day and night cuz we have no real friends. We also have bills to pay (and gyms to attend), thats why we dont waste all ourmoney on a game that you so obviously waste time and money on. Some of us have more important things to pay than our warspear accounts. Also, not all of us get the money from our parents (whos basements we dont live in) we work for our money. As for aigrind: Good job guys. There are a few things that might need to be sorted out at some point, but it looks pretty good so far.
  6. Maby the elf is drawn from the likeness of Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom? :unknw:
  7. Dear devs, I have a suggestion about the whole PvP thing, I think maybe there should be an option for players to choose whether or not the play PvE or PvP, only because, some characters (especially lower levers) are always attacked while doing quests, and it is extremely annoying and frustrating because the opposite teams keep disturbing quests. Chainless league quests (for example) should still remain Pvp questline, but then maybe make the option that you have to "activate" PvP mode to do that quest. This is just something to take into consideration. Thank you
  8. +1! You're right. The only stitch in that is the fact that many players don't consider othe players and theyr needs. It's become very monopolistic in-game and also, the gap between "rich" and "poor"" players makes for alot of animosity. :unknw:
  9. Only a little bit strange. Haha. :pardon:
  10. NOOOOO!!!! :shok: im stuck here in Namibia with no way of buying mcoins. :crazy: :fool: could you please make a payment option available devs? I know many of my friends also wana buy mcoins here, but we have to buy through a source in South Africa. Its a huge hassle and the tax on it is RIDICULOUS. :cray:
  11. Well, this escalated quikly.... I say we all just relax, take a deep breath, continue the thread the way it was meant to, and not insult other players for no reason. Cuz that's just plain childish. And thanx guys for defending me. And no, im not gay, just African. :D
  12. Sniperghost doesnt bother me. Atleast I know im not a jelly and I have an actual social life + real friends outside of warspear. :-P
  13. Ag, they dont bother me. Its a funny pic. Besides, im proud of my body. Atleast im nt some weirdo thts extremely puta shape and takes his frustration out on other players. :)
  14. Thanx for referring to me as a sculpture. Haha. (JK) ;D
  15. Haha. Was very drunk. Friends told me to pose as if im "staring at the moon" lolz
  16. Awesome update devs. But I have to say, leveling guild is waaaaaayyyy too expensive. not allll players can afford to buy so much mcoins for unity signs or to sell mcoin items for gold. please reconsider the price.
  17. wow. U guys are fast. Haha. Thanx. One question, will this mean that my 2400 arena points that was converted to 1700 G will be changed? If so, what would it be now?
  18. Theres a bug in arena..... Can't move anywhere....
  19. Same here. Bought 350 Holiday bags. Got only a few candies, 600 pumpkin pieces,3 copper bars, 2 gold bars. The bars r ok cuz atleast can trade for a bit of Gold. Equip break now in Circus? Oh no! Haha. Was so happy when equipment stayed full. Lol
  20. Made new US server frend. Haha. But cant understand shit in trade chat. Lol. Its so funny, the names i see. Haha. Some of them are VERY creative. They should win a medal for Originality. Haha
  21. they name themselves retarded names cuz they annoyed and knw tht they wont use acc after US nd EU is fixed. My name is also retarded cuz i dnt have patience to think of a good name right now. Hahaha
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